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The subject of a specific market such as the real estate market is real estate and its purchase and sale, regardless of intended use. The development of the real estate market is closely linked to the interest rate indices on loans, whether or not they favour the construction, rental, sale and purchase of real estate.

Property in China, another liquidation petition: this time it's Shimao Group's turn

Posted on 10.04.2024

The picture of China's property market is getting more complicated as yet another major player has filed for liquidation. China Construction Bank files for liquidation of Shimao Group The crisis in China's property market continues. After Evergrande and Country Garden, the Shimao Group is the latest to be hit. None other than China's state-controlled China Construction Bank filed for Shimao's liquidation in Hong Kong. According to an article by Scott Murdoch in Reuters, the rea ...

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More trouble for Chinese real estate: Country Garden sales nosedive and shares suspended on the stock exchange

Posted on 03.04.2024

The crisis in the Chinese property market continues: after the Evergrande crisis, the next group to find itself in a very difficult situation is Country Garden Holdings. Country Garden Holdings' sales plummet and shares suspended from trading Country Garden Holdings, a major Chinese property company, reported an 83 per cent drop in sales in March compared to the same month last year. As reported in Nikkei Asia, similar figures had been reported in January and February this year, confirming ...

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Property: risks remain high in Europe

Posted on 24.01.2024

What is the state of the property market in Europe? High average house prices and credit conditions are a risk factor, primarily regional but potentially also systemic. Economic slowdown, interest rates and the property market Not surprisingly, the economic slowdown and the tightening of monetary policy by central banks have put pressure on the property market. Scope Ratings has even gone so far as to speak of a potential systemic risk. It is also true, according to Scope Ratings, that the sit ...

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Signa Holding declares insolvency: risk of a chain reaction?

Posted on 01.12.2023

Property giant Signa Holding has filed for insolvency: how did this happen and what are the possible consequences? Signa Holding has filed for insolvency Signa Holding, the real estate company founded by the Austrian René Benko, has filed for insolvency with the Vienna District Court. As Walter Galbiati points out in the 'Repubblica', the group had already declared a significant loss of liquidity, which had fallen from €122 million to €32 million in six months (Decembe ...

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European real estate investment slumps, but the worst may be over

Posted on 20.11.2023

In recent months, rising financing costs and mortgage rates have put pressure on the European property market. This has led to some notable consequences, such as a fall in property prices and the contraction of significant shares of investment in the sector. A noticeable decline in property investment The European property market is at the centre of the interest of many savers and investors, and has undergone significant changes as a result of the policy of raising interest rates pursued by th ...

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Rising interest rates in England triggered falling house prices

Posted on 05.10.2023

The rapid rise in interest rates and the uncertain economic situation are also affecting the UK property market, posing new challenges for UK savers who choose to invest in property. House prices falling House prices in the UK are falling, as confirmed by research from Nationwide, which quantified a 5.3 per cent fall in prices. In other words, the average house price has fallen by £14,600 over a one-year period (August 2022-2023). The average house price is now £257,000. However, a ...

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Open-ended real estate funds: the market crisis does not eliminate all opportunities

Posted on 10.07.2023

In a crisis situation on the property market, some people wonder whether there are still opportunities to be found, including in open-ended property funds. Iris Bülow's interview with property specialist Kanam Thomas Rehmet appeared in 'Das Investment'. Rising interest rates and pressure on the property market Rising interest rates have put pressure on the property market: mortgage costs have risen and this has had a direct negative impact on the volume of house purchases and ...

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Housing crisis could be a boon for funds and asset managers

Posted on 03.07.2023

The uncertain situation in the real estate market opens up a scenario that is certainly fraught with risks, but perhaps also with opportunities for real estate funds and asset management companies. Property market corrections Rising interest rates have concrete consequences for the property market: mortgage costs rise and buying a property becomes more expensive. This situation leads to a fall in demand for houses and therefore a fall in their price. This situation is more pronounced where mar ...

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