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Blockchain is a computer technology based on cryptography. It’s a digital directory made up of a continuously expandable list of data records, or data blocks (“blockchains”). This interlinking data, structured according to the chronological order in which the new blocks were entered and approved by the system, ensures that each block in the chain has a unique value. The technology is mostly seen as IT infrastructure for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Decentralised finance, what it is and how it will affect investment

Posted on 19.09.2023

The term 'decentralised finance' or 'DeFi' may be familiar to those interested in cryptocurrencies, conjuring up images of crypto-asset speculation and complex code-related discussions. In reality, DeFi represents a trend that is profoundly influencing perceptions of the financial industry and how it operates. Dave Dowsett, Global Head of Innovation and Emerging Technology at Invesco, along with Ashley Oerth, Senior Investment Strategy Analyst, explored the evolution of decentral ...

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Blockchain: asset tokenisation is just getting started

Posted on 12.09.2023

In recent years, we have witnessed a growing interest in digital assets. This is because the tokenisation of assets is an increasingly concrete possibility. There are already a large number of applications in the financial and investment world, mainly related to the underlying technology, the blockchain, and its ability to make the market and the assets themselves more accessible, but in order to enable large-scale use, it is essential to address the challenges related to regulation and standard ...

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Realising the potential of blockchain

Posted on 03.04.2023

There is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence these days (see also AI: investment opportunity or threat to humanity?). As reported by '', a study by Citigroup once again draws attention to another technology that could prove particularly promising: blockchain. The applications of blockchain Blockchain could soon be considered one of the megatrends of the coming years. A study by Citigroup (entitled "Money, Tokens, and Games") reveals high expectations for thi ...

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Blockchain can still offer opportunities for investors

Posted on 27.02.2023

Recent episodes of scandals and bankruptcies (notably FTX) related to cryptocurrencies have not only weakened investor confidence in these cryptoassets, but in some cases have even raised doubts about whether blockchain has a future. However, some investment experts believe that this technology can still offer opportunities for investors. Blockchain applied to real assets Christopher Mellor, Director of EMEA ETF Equity & Commodity Product Management at Invesco, is one of the experts who be ...

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NFT and the art market

Posted on 08.11.2022

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique certificate of ownership or authenticity, the result of blockchain technology (the key technology of decentralised finance, which of course also underpins the world of cryptocurrencies). NFTs have applications in various fields, among which is also the art market, which could change precisely because of this new technological application. We take some thoughts from a dedicated Morgan Stanley page on the subject. NFTs may revolutionise the art market ...

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The secret tool that institutional investors use to protect digital assets from hacks

Posted on 23.08.2022

Institutional investors have been asking for an all-in-one tool that would facilitate access to Digital Assets while also managing cybersecurity risk, custody risk and all the relevant operational risks on their behalf. In the last two years, this institutional solution has finally arrived in Europe under the name of Physically backed Digital Assets Exchange Traded Products ("ETPs"). But not all ETPs are created equal and investors need to be careful when selecting their preferred vehi ...

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30.01.2024 posted by WisdomTree

Headwinds and Tailwinds in Thematics: the WisdomTree Global Megatrends Equity quarterly rebalance

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