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Raw materials are natural resources that are intended for processing or use, such as petroleum, wheat or metals. They differ due to their respective branches of origin in agriculture and mining, but also due to their use in the production chain, in the food sector and in industry. Specific stock indices are dedicated to them, reflecting the progress of the mining, production, processing and distribution chains.

Oil, gold and bitcoin: Middle East tensions between Israel and Iran move prices

Posted on 15.04.2024

International conflicts and tensions in the Middle East could continue to affect the prices of assets such as oil, gold and (at least in part) bitcoins. The financial impact of Iran's attack on Israel Following the Iranian missile attack on Israel, many market participants feared an escalation that could, in the worst case, lead to open war between Israel and Iran. In the hours following the attack, the price of some financial assets was affected by the increased uncertainty: the price of ...

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Copper, a promising commodity thanks to artificial intelligence

Posted on 11.04.2024

What are the price prospects for copper? Its use in a particularly promising technology sector could boost prices over the next few years. Copper and artificial intelligence Copper is a metal with many industrial uses, and its demand as a raw material has increased as it is used in the construction of technologies linked to the energy transition. As Sissi Bellomo writes in 'Sole 24 Ore', to these uses of copper could be added those linked to the artificial intelligence sector: this use ...

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Rising gold, silver, copper and other commodity prices: what to expect?

Posted on 05.04.2024

The price of some commodities (gold, silver, copper, oil, etc.) is rising. But what are the prospects and reasons for these price rises? What is behind the rise in the price of gold? The price of gold continues to break all records. According to analysts, there are probably a number of factors behind this rise: expectations of interest rate cuts, geopolitical uncertainty, the massive buying of gold by many central banks and fears of a return of inflation. But it is not just gold that has ralli ...

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Energy transition metals and metals producers step into the spotlight

Posted on 03.04.2024

2023 was tough for dedicated renewables funds and the raw materials markets that support them. The general economic malaise brought on by a combination of inflation and high interest rates in Western economies and fears around China’s prospects weighed heavily. In actual fact, the global economy didn’t have that bad a year in 2023; the recession was avoided, and 2.3% growth was registered.

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The cocoa super-run on the stock exchange, now worth even more than copper

Posted on 28.03.2024

The rise in cocoa prices seems to be unstoppable. But why is this commodity growing at such an incredible rate? The extraordinary cocoa rally The rise in cocoa prices continues, and cocoa is now worth more than copper. Not only that, the commodity in question is growing faster than bitcoin and, as Sissi Bellomo points out in Il Sole 24 Ore, has even outperformed Nvidia's rally this year. A few figures: a tonne of cocoa used to cost an average of $2,500. Today, it costs more than $10,000. C ...

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