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Securities of stable value are “safe havens” for investments. These are goods that actually have an intrinsic value, such as precious metals or works of art. They’re therefore less exposed to, if not completely protected from, market volatility. This label can also be given to government bonds or currency-based funds from countries that are considered very stable.

Gold price continues to rise: too late to invest?

Posted on 02.04.2024

The price of gold continues to rise. At this hour (2 April), an ounce of gold is quoted at over $2,250. This means that not only is the price of the precious metal continuing to rise, but it is breaking its own past records all the time. What can explain the rise in gold? The prospect of an interest rate cut pushes gold higher One of the reasons given to explain gold's rise is the prospect of an interest rate cut. A 'CNBC' article by Lee Ying Shan quotes market strategist Joseph Ca ...

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What’s Hot: Will Silver Take the Gold Medal Again?

Posted on 28.03.2024

Silver often finds itself in a race with gold. It’s a contest that tends to attract bets from investors. In recent weeks, the competition appears to be creating just the dynamic that brings people to the edge of their seats. As of 27 March, silver is up 7.9% month-to-date, outpacing gold, which has gained 7.0%. Notably, silver has picked up pace relatively recently as it still trails gold in terms of year-to-date performance (gold up 6.1% while silver is up 2.9%).

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Gold's record price exceeds $2,200

Posted on 21.03.2024

Gold continues to break records. Today it is worth more than $2,200. But why is the price of the yellow metal continuing to rise? Gold breaks all records despite unchanged interest rates Gold has once again broken all records. However, it is not easy to explain this bullish cycle in the price of the precious metal. The new record was broken just after Jerome Powell's Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged. It therefore remains likely that the first cut will come in June and not earl ...

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Gold bullion breaks new highs leaving TIPS, gold miners and silver behind

Posted on 15.03.2024

Gold bullion reached a new high of US$2195/oz on 8 March 20241. The recent rally seems to have been driven by a sharp rise in speculative long positioning in gold futures markets. Data released on Friday 8 March 2024 (relating to Tuesday 5 March 2024) showed that speculative longs rose by 62,528 contracts (Figure 1), the highest weekly gain since February 2020. Meanwhile shorts remained broadly flat.  

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Gold: Unique in every way

Posted on 28.02.2024

Gold is a special asset. Simultaneously a commodity and a foreign exchange instrument. Cyclical and defensive at the same time. Used as a store of value and medium for exchange for millennia. With references to the metal in the Torah, Bible, Qur’an and Bhagavad Gita, its historical allure to humans verges on empyrean.

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Gold price: what trends will dominate the price in the coming months?

Posted on 19.02.2024

The price of gold has stabilised above $2,000 for some months now. It is difficult to predict where the price will go today, as recent data on US inflation has made many analysts less confident of an imminent interest rate cut. Gold and interest rates The price of gold and interest rates, or rather gold and the dollar, are two assets that tend to be inversely correlated: when the dollar depreciates, gold, which has a reference currency in the greenback, tends to appreciate, precisely to preser ...

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Gold and silver: record metals in 2024

Posted on 05.02.2024

What is the outlook for gold and silver this year? The gold price target One of the consequences of the monetary easing expected this year is the appreciation of assets such as gold and silver. This is the prediction of Joni Teves, precious metals strategist at UBS, as reported by CNBC in an article by Lee Ying Shan: Teves believes gold could reach $2,200 an ounce. However, the target is not far from the current price of just under $2,030 an ounce. The correlation between safe-haven assets an ...

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Gold: portfolio insurance even in 2024?

Posted on 03.01.2024

Gold seems to be firmly above the $2,000 an ounce mark. What are the prospects for the price of the yellow metal in 2024? An interview by Thomas Pentsy with Christian Brenner, CEO of Philoro Switzerland, has been published on Three strengths for gold Brenner believes there are at least three good reasons to see a positive outlook for the gold price. The likely bearish interest rate cycle. In this case, gold will come out ahead as competition from assets that pay interest on a re ...

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Gold price: 2024 looks promising

Posted on 21.11.2023

What are the price prospects for gold in 2024? Robert Halver, Head of Capital Market Analysis at Germany's Baader Bank, writes about this in "Das Investment". Commodities: weak demand and efficient supply chains Halver cites weak Chinese demand as one of the main reasons for the weakness in commodity prices, from metals to oil. Other factors include the general weakness of the global economy and the improved functioning of supply chains. The latter factor, the improved effic ...

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30.01.2024 posted by WisdomTree

Headwinds and Tailwinds in Thematics: the WisdomTree Global Megatrends Equity quarterly rebalance

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