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Asset management is a form of resource management for an individual or a family. It’s a 360-degree form of management that doesn’t only take into account financial investments, but also all aspects related to managing financial resources: the balance between income and expenses, the optimisation of taxation related to movable assets and real estate, insurance contracts, social security and succession planning.

Markets are running, but managers are not keeping pace (except for bonds)

Posted on 01.12.2023

A study shows that active management cannot keep up with market returns, which favours index funds (such as ETFs). The exception is the bond segment. A very positive November for equity markets November was one of the best months for financial markets in 2023: Nasdaq +10%, Dow Jones +8.8% and S&P 500 +8%. In Europe, the DAX was also up by around 9%, while the Italian FTSI Mib index was up by 7.6%. Equity markets have rallied strongly and it is clear that many investors are benefiting. Howe ...

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The 20 most popular stocks chosen by German asset managers

Posted on 31.10.2023

A survey conducted in Germany sought to identify the 20 most popular stocks selected by independent German asset managers. A survey of 54,000 managed portfolios The German 'Institut für Vermögensaufbau' and the asset management software company QPLIX analysed the composition of 54,000 portfolios managed by more than 100 asset management companies in Germany and identified the 20 most popular stocks. As Max Morrisone and Hannah Ritzmann write in the magazine "Das Investim ...

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Active ETFs and thematic funds: asset managers are betting on them

Posted on 18.10.2023

What is the direction of asset management, how is it structured and what are the (growing) preferences of savers/investors? Concentration, fees and smart beta The world of asset management is also evolving. This is the conclusion of a report by PwC, also reported by Wall Street Italia, entitled "Asset Management Overview". Three of the most important trends are: a) the concentration of operators, b) the decline in commissions - as a result of point a), c) the growth of smart-beta and ...

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Asset management, increasingly efficient risk management

Posted on 21.11.2022

Predictions of a possible global recession have fuelled fears of a financial crisis comparable to the crisis triggered by sub-prime mortgages in 2007 and continued in 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Asset managers' progress in more prudential risk management However, in this regard, Dylan Croll quotes on Yahoo!Finance the opinion of John Mack, who was CEO of Morgan Stanley precisely during the 2008 financial crisis (a very difficult period: according to the New York Times, inves ...

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Asset managers and the challenge of the markets

Posted on 29.09.2022

What are the challenges facing financial asset managers today? The "Global Wealth Management Investment Survey 2022" by the consulting firm Mercer offers some answers (a useful summary of the research was also reported by ""). What are the challenges in the markets for asset managers? Over the next two years, 59% of the managers surveyed by the consultancy believe that the biggest issue to be addressed, and possibly overcome, will be inflation. The continent w ...

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Asset managers prepare for difficult times

Posted on 25.08.2022

From the second half of 2020 until almost the end of 2021, the financial investment sector was very successful. As is well known, however, this first half of 2022 turned out to be rather complicated. The asset management industry will probably also face a period of further uncertainty in the second half of the year. York Runne writes interestingly about this on ''. The Swiss wealth management industry's strong performance in 2021 Confirmation that 2021 was a particularly ...

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The Risks of Single-stock ETFs

Posted on 23.08.2022

A new passive investment product, an ETF that replicates the performance of a single stock, has recently appeared on the markets. Although interesting, for some experts it is a risky product and unsuitable for the vast majority of small savers and investors. Kate Dore wrote about this on 'CNBC', reporting the opinions of some experts on the subject. How do single-stock ETFs work? Simplifying as much as possible, single stock ETFs are in fact swap contracts. It means that the exchange o ...

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Investment funds: skyrocketing liquidity

Posted on 02.08.2022

Bank of America and the Global Fund Manager Survey have published an analysis in which a very indicative figure appears on the current perception of the situation in the financial markets by financial professionals. It was in fact since 2001 that professional investors had last held such levels of liquidity. Back then, the climate of uncertainty had been caused by none other than the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. This was also reported by magazine in an article by Luca Fiore. ...

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2022: end of the great asset management race?

Posted on 30.05.2022

With 2022, the strong period of growth in asset management to date may come to a stop, at least in the short term. The results of the largest asset management companies and the outlook on the sector were summarised last week in an article by Markus Frühauf, which appeared in the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ). The article commented on data from an interesting research conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The company analysed the returns of asset managers ov ...

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