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Financial advice is the management of economic resources provided by financial advisors or asset management companies (AMCs). It consists of strategic planning and investment control in the interests of customers. The financial advice is aimed at both private investors and companies. Private investors use the advice to draw on specialist knowledge and thus optimize their economic situation. For their part, companies use it to manage their capital more efficiently and increase their returns.

Inflation, a big problem for savers: how can advice help?

Posted on 19.12.2023

Investing in financial advice is seen by many savers/investors as a strategy to deal with inflation. Inflation and interest rates have changed the investment landscape What are investors/savers most concerned about today? Firstly, it may be useful to understand what savers/investors consider to be the most important factors in markets and investments. A study by Schroders Global Investor attempts to answer this by publishing a survey of 23,000 people in 33 different countries. It found that 78 ...

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Artificial intelligence, a crucial asset for financial advice

Posted on 24.10.2023

AI (which most pessimists believe will even lead to another financial crisis) also appears to be a game changer in the area of financial advice. AI, an asset rather than a threat for financial advisers In discussions about financial advice, AI seems to have taken on the role often attributed to robo-advisors: an asset in the hands of advisors rather than a threat. As Antonio Criscione rightly points out in 'Il Sole 24 Ore', this perspective was well represented by the words of Nicola R ...

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Why use a financial advisor when choosing a mortgage?

Posted on 06.09.2023

One often thinks of consulting a financial advisor only when one has decided to make a specific investment in the markets. However, as we read on a page dedicated to the subject by the consultancy FiNUM.Private Finance AG, the reality is that the use of a financial advisor can also prove useful if you are planning to take out a mortgage (especially in this period of rising interest rates). Access to a wider range When it comes to taking out a mortgage, the most common idea is to apply to the b ...

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How to distinguish simple information from financial advice?

Posted on 09.08.2023

In the financial sector, it is not always easy to distinguish between information and financial or investment advice. An ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) document attempts to provide guidance to help the public distinguish between the two. Information, recommendation or investment advice? The Internet allows information to be disseminated and received at virtually no cost. The number of possible sources of information has increased exponentially. In the investment arena, howeve ...

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Banca Generali accelerates with AI for financial advice

Posted on 03.08.2023

In a wide-ranging interview with Wired Italia, Riccardo Renna, Chief Operations Officer & Innovation (COO) at Banca Generali, explains how the Italian bank, with 88.2 billion in assets under management, is using data analytics and artificial intelligence to optimise the performance of its financial advisors and increase the wealth of its customers. Last year, the bank centralised all its information and implemented a cloud-based data lake structure to manage a huge amount of data from multip ...

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Advice in the age of the web must be proactive

Posted on 05.07.2023

The work of the financial adviser must keep pace with the evolution of the media, which can indeed be an opportunity to attract more clients. Carmine Covino, Behaviour and Process Manager, writes in Wall Street Italia how important it is for advisors to actively use the network and the communication channels it provides. New channels of communication and promotion of one's work as an adviser The Internet and digital devices have made it easier to access financial services, including financ ...

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ChatGPT offers financial advice: but can you trust it?

Posted on 29.06.2023

Among the many uses of ChatGPT is the possibility of asking for financial advice. In 'Forbes Advisor', Ron Shevlin writes that not only would it be better to avoid doing so, but that it is doubtful whether the users themselves really trust the software.   Financial advice from ChatGPT: what did American users ask for? How much do investors trust ChatGPT software for financial advice? According to Motley Fool (via Pollfish), 54% of people in the US have asked the programme for ...

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Financial advice helps savers, but risks becoming too expensive

Posted on 20.06.2023

Financial advice is a service that helps savers/investors navigate the complex landscape of financial products and find an investment strategy. William Vidonja (Head of Conduct of Business Insurance Europe) talks about the benefits of advice and the risk of making it too expensive by banning retrocessions. Most customers satisfied with advice Financial advice plays an important role in consumers' investment decisions. A study by the European Commission shows that 64% of those who have rece ...

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Confusing a financial influencer with an advisor is a risk to avoid

Posted on 14.06.2023

Distinguishing financial influencers from actual professionals can help prevent savers and retail investors from taking unnecessary risks. The success of financial influencers Social networks are now a source of information for many people. One phenomenon that has emerged in recent years is the emergence on social networks of influencers, personalities who have managed to create a community of followers. They usually present themselves in a more or less specialised way as points of reference o ...

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