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Government bonds are debt securities that nation states issue in financial markets in order to finance some of their activities and services. An interest rate is applied to the securities and depends on the term of the loan, but also on the economic stability of the country that issues it. The “spread” is the difference in returns between the interest rates on government bonds from different countries.

Persistently high interest rates weigh on bond markets

Posted on 10.04.2024

Falling government bond prices and rising yields: what is happening in the bond market today? Falling government bond prices and rising yields The fact that central banks are likely to make their first interest rate cut in June seems to have had an impact on the bond market. As Vito Lops points out in 'Sole 24 Ore', bond yields have risen again. On the one hand, this means that the downward trend in yields has been interrupted and, on the other, there has been a downward correction in ...

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Indian bonds in global indices: another opportunity for investors?

Posted on 26.03.2024

India's economy seems to be on an upward trajectory: GDP is growing, as is the Nifty 50 stock market index, and the Indian Mutual Fund Association is reporting billions of dollars of inflows every month. More good news now comes from the government bond market. Indian government bonds to be included in two major global bond indices Indian government bonds will be included in two major bond indices: the JPMorgan Government Bond Index-Emerging Markets (GBI-EM) from June and Bloomberg's E ...

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German government bonds increasingly in demand: is it worth investing in them?

Posted on 20.03.2024

Interest in German government bonds is growing. But who is interested in them and what are their current strengths? Growing demand for German government bonds The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reports on some interesting data provided by the German Finance Agency and comments on it by Managing Director Tammo Diemer: In the last 29 government bond auctions, the supply of debt exceeded the actual allocation by an average of 1.77 times. In 2023, however, this figure will fall to 1.5: a cle ...

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Looking for yields on German, US, Italian and Spanish government bonds

Posted on 07.03.2024

Many investors are looking to government bonds with the prospect of lower interest rates on the one hand and lower inflation on the other. Rising interest rates and the bond market European and US government bonds are currently attracting some attention from investors for at least two reasons. The first is that, on average, they are traditionally a safe investment because they are guaranteed by the issuing governments. The second is related to the recent rise in interest rates, which has incre ...

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What are the best strategies for investing in the government bond market?

Posted on 23.01.2024

The prospect of central bank easing raises some questions about possible strategies in the government bond market. The outlook for central bank monetary policy In the context of bond investments, including government bonds, one of the most important factors considered by investors (especially today) is the interest rates set by central banks (not forgetting the effects of duration and modified duration). Some of the world's major central banks are expected to cut rates this year: the Europ ...

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Government bonds: doubts about the Asian credit market

Posted on 22.01.2024

Moody's lowers its expectations for sovereign credit in Asia. Moody's negative outlook on the Asian sovereign market Moody's outlook on the Asian sovereign market is negative. Sheila Chiang wrote about this on CNBC, reporting on some comments made by Christian De Guzman, Senior Vice President of Moody's Investors Service (interviewed by CNBC on Squawk Box Asia). There are three reasons for the deteriorating outlook for the sector: China's economic slowdown, the Fed's re ...

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Investments: It's a race for government bonds in Europe

Posted on 15.01.2024

The first two weeks of 2024 saw very positive government bond funding figures for European countries. The remarkable success of government bonds in Europe In the first two weeks of 2024, European countries have had a great success with their bond issues: according to Unicredit Research, €82 billion were raised in 15 days and €53 billion in the last week alone. This is a remarkable result, as Maximilian Cellino points out in 'Il Sole 24 Ore', noting that the beginning of the y ...

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Is it worth investing in Italian government bonds?

Posted on 30.11.2023

What are the investment prospects for Italian government bonds? La Stampa (in an article by Sandra Riccio) interviewed John Taylor, co-manager of AllianceBernstein's AB European Income fund. For the manager, on the one hand the country can count on an economy that has resisted better than some European champions, on the other hand the country suffers from the public debt situation. Moody's rating affirmed and outlook upgraded Moody's confirmed Italy's Baa3 rating (the lower inv ...

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Diversify your portfolio with supranational bonds

Posted on 29.11.2023

The growing interest in government bonds is accompanied by the need for investors to diversify in this asset class: in this respect, some experts are looking with interest at the possibility of including a supranational bond component in portfolios. Supranational bond issuers In order to diversify the government bond component of a portfolio, it does not seem necessary to look to another asset class. Vittoria Puledda writes about this in 'Affari&Finanza' ('La Repubblica'). ...

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