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The financial advisor is a financial professional who works in specific areas and within a precise regulatory framework. As a company or bank employee, he or she can be self-employed, integrated in a network or independent. Based on a specific mandate, they manage their clients’ investments or savings. They strategically manage client assets based on set goals.

Types of financial advisors, getting to know them and choosing the most suitable one

Posted on 17.07.2023

Choosing a financial adviser is important because entrusting your savings to the right professional can be crucial to getting as close as possible to your financial goals. For this reason, it may take some initial effort on the part of the saver/investor to find the adviser best suited to his or her needs. Define your financial goals It is very difficult to precisely define the professional figure of the financial advisor, as there are many types. Before starting to evaluate which type of fina ...

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Preparing to choose a financial advisor: how?

Posted on 27.02.2023

A financial adviser is a professional who helps clients make decisions about savings, investments, financial planning, etc. Before choosing a financial advisor, however, one must (1) clarify one's financial needs and investment objectives, and (2) assess which professional is most appropriate. With regard to the latter point (2), it is interesting to note some points from an article by Andrew Rosen, president of Diversified and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), which appeared in Forbes m ...

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Advisors should have a leadership role in savings management

Posted on 21.10.2022

At the Preeminent Advisor Summit (sponsored by Financial Advisor magazine) some interesting considerations emerged regarding financial advice (but also regarding wealth management). One of these considerations concerns the role that financial advisors and financial advisory firms should play in guiding their clients. Clients feel the need to be led in their investments George Walper, president of Spectrem Group (Illinois, USA), commented on data from research conducted by his firm and CEG Worl ...

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Did I or did I not choose the financial advisor who is right for me?

Posted on 04.10.2022

Turning to a financial advisor can be useful and, in the case of entrepreneurs or owners of large capital (and wealth management can be considered here), may even be necessary. But how does one determine whether the advisor one has turned to is the right one for one? (See also the online directory provided by MoneyController.) Preliminary questions when choosing an advisor When deciding to use a financial advisor, it would always be a good idea to check that the advisor in question is authoris ...

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Important questions to ask a financial advisor

Posted on 07.09.2022

Recourse to financial advice can be decisive for the effective conduct of one's investments. Identifying the professional best suited to the needs of investors/savers then becomes central. In this regard, in order to help make the choice, but also to ensure that the advice is carried out optimally, Catherine Brock has compiled 16 questions in 'Forbes' magazine that are worth asking the financial advisor. Here are some of these questions, grouped into a few somewhat more general ...

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European advisors and financial professionals remain optimistic

Posted on 12.07.2022

Natixis Investment Managers conducted an interesting survey (also reported by the '' portal) on the expectations of 1050 financial professionals (financial advisors, planners, brokers and managers) in Europe (including the UK). Some optimism emerges, despite the current difficult market conditions. Optimism among advisors and financial professionals Despite the optimism, advisors and financial professionals are well aware that the situation in the markets is complicated. ...

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How do I choose the right financial advisor for me?

Posted on 28.06.2022

When it comes to savings and investments, the choice of a financial advisor is an important decision. But how do you choose the most suitable advisor for your needs? Rachel Layne (MoneyWatch), among others, writes about this in an article in 'CBS News'. Starting with one's own financial needs The starting point is precisely the needs of an individual or a family. When opting for financial advice, it is good to be clear what one's investment and/or savings goals are. These ...

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Financial advisors and their work on clients' emotionality

Posted on 30.03.2022

In these uncertain times, the job of the financial advisor can become even more complicated. Not only do the markets become considerably more volatile, but those investors who are also clients of financial advice are under such emotional stress that they make rash decisions. Fear grows among investors, but so does anxiety about inflation In the magazine "FocusRisparmio", an article appeared in which Alessio Trappolini describes the situation just mentioned. The fact that uncertainty ...

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The advisor should focus on the client's financial wellness

Posted on 28.03.2022

What is at the heart of a financial advisor's work today? What are some of the conditions necessary for the relationship between an advisor and his client to work? The consultant as an agent of financial wellness Over the next few days, the tenth edition of the "PF Expo" event, organised by the training company ProfessioneFinanza, will be held at the MUDEC Auditorium in Milan. During the event, a central theme in the field of finance will be addressed, namely the relationship bet ...

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18.06.2024 posted by MoneyController

Focus China: from Warren Buffett's moves on the property market to the hunger for offshore investment

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