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The financial sector is a sector closely related to society, politics, and human psychology. Therefore, for the purposes of a complete analysis, it’s sometimes necessary to integrate strictly technical considerations with what are called lateral considerations. A comprehensive information framework is used to improve analytical skills and help everyone involved in making the best decisions.

Silvio Berlusconi, a protagonist of Italian political and economic history, has died

Posted on 12.06.2023

Today, 12 June 2023, Silvio Berlusconi died in Milan at the age of 86. The businessman and politician began his career in construction and real estate, before moving into television and advertising. However, thanks to his business conglomerate Fininvest (Finanziaria di Investimento), Berlusconi was also able to diversify his investments, which significantly touched the world of finance, the importance of which he always recognised: just think of his holdings in Banca Mediolanum and Programma Ita ...

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Rishi Sunak announced £150 billion increase in budget spending

Posted on 28.10.2021

The much-awaited Autumn Budget arrived with Rishi Sunak announcing the Universal Credit taper rate and a pension tax loophole fix for low-paid workers. The announcements also included a capital gains tax (CGT) freeze, drop in business rates and taxes on alcohol, levy on construction firms, and duties on Air Passengers.  The chancellor unveiled a £150 billion increase in budget spending by 2024/25, the largest increase this century. Banks would also get a huge tax cut since the bank s ...

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Supply shortages force Apple to reduce iPhone production for Q4 2021

Posted on 14.10.2021

The supply crunch hits Apple as it announces plans to make 10 million fewer iPhones than planned this year. The company had planned to produce 90 million iPhone 13 models in Q4 2021 but is now instructing manufacturing partners that production could diminish. Suppliers, Broadcom Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc., are struggling to provide the needed components for Apple’s new iPhone production. Apple has strong buying power since it’s the world’s largest chip buyer and often set ...

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Why is the UK suffering from a gas shortage and how does that affect you

Posted on 21.09.2021

The UK’s gas bill has witnessed an unprecedented surge but Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it’s temporary. Benchmark prices have tripled this year, led by rising global demand, colder winters, and power source outages. That’s leading to industrial bottlenecks and gas supplier shutdowns. Many questions come to mind, but here are a select 5 on the subject.  1. Why do we have a gas shortage? Johnson argues that the global economy’s recovery has led to phenomenal dem ...

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Rishi Sunak outlines 4 pillars to advance UK financial services

Posted on 02.07.2021

Chancellor Rishi Sunak pledged to make the UK “the world’s most exciting financial services hub”. The UK is already a strong market leader in financial services, exporting it often. The US is a big importer with $28 billion offered by the UK per year. Sunak also discussed China. With total assets worth ₤40 trillion, the Chancellor targets an economic relationship with China while maintaining the UK’s values and standards. In-house, Sunak mentioned the sector contribute ...

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Google cracks down on financial scamming ads in the UK

Posted on 01.07.2021

With the news of Bernie Madoff dying in prison, many recall one of the biggest “Ponzi” schemes of all time. The $65 billion scheme saw A-list individuals lose their money and left charities destroyed. High-profile investors like Zsa Zsa Gabor, John Malkovich, and Steven Spielberg lost millions. His victims weren’t constrained to the US. Nicola Horlick, a renowned investment fund manager, lost £21 million to Madoff. The Royal Bank of Scotland lost another £400 milli ...

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3 tips to consider when selling your business

Posted on 21.06.2021

Maybe selling the business was the last thing on your mind when you created it. But now, years later, the situation is different. Perhaps Covid-19 challenges have made it difficult to stay afloat. Or maybe that first spark of motivation has subsided. Death and incapacity can be other factors. But no matter the reason, planning and execution will help you get the best price. Here are a few tips to help you get started.  Put a plan in place Let’s start with the planning phase. There ...

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The British government has launched a much needed “breathing space” scheme

Posted on 06.05.2021

The “breathing space” scheme was launched on the 4th of May. The goal of this plan is to assist Brits who are facing difficulty with debts.  This financial support program will protect borrowers against debt collectors, prosecution, and bailiffs for the next two months.  To avail scheme, the debtor’s consent to work with debt experts to sort out a long-term plan to get them out of debt, as reported by Levi Winchester for Mirror. A person with debts must also keep up ...

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FCA Consults on Strengthening Consumer Protection in SPACs

Posted on 03.05.2021

To strengthen consumer protection, the FCA is initiating a consultation and it will use special purpose acquisition companies or SPACs for this purpose. Strong regulations are also expected following Lord Hill’s recommendation of easiness, as the UK is eying to maintain its competitiveness post-Brexit. These remarks included making it more convenient for SPACs to be used by companies to access capital when listing, as reported by Jon Yarker for Money Marketing. Currently, the listin ...

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