Immediately check your securities portfolio for free

Check your securities portfolio

We calculate:
  • The expected return and risk
  • The efficient portfolio and closest to your risk / return expectations
  • 10 optimized portfolios by rebalancing the securities you’ve entered
  • PIC and PAC performance

Calculate your supplementary pension

  • How high is mine supplementary pension if I deposit £ ... a month?
  • How much do I have to deposit each month to have a pension of £ ... a month?

It's easier with a consultant
manage investments

How to use the MoneyController calculator to create a real or virtual securities portfolio

  • State the parameters of the maximum risk you can accept and the expected return
  • Select the securities from the database that you want to include in the portfolio to be analysed
  • Assign the weight or equivalent of each security within the portfolio
  • Start the calculation and read the results
  • Save the portfolio; You can consult it at any time and can always see its current values
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