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There isn’t just one financial market. There are many and they can be differentiated by product emission level (primary, secondary market, etc.), by product type (capital market, stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, etc.) and also by geographical distribution (EU stocks, US bonds, emerging countries, etc.). In the financial market buying and selling huge amounts of available financial products is permitted to provide capital amounts and thus generate income. The financial market, as a resource and savings optimiser, is therefore an essential part of the economy in any advanced country.

Deflation and a negative outlook: China's growth weaknesses

Posted on 11.12.2023

China's growth is now facing some economic and financial difficulties, as evidenced by the fall in demand, which has led to higher than expected deflation. Deflation in China While central banks in Europe and the US are busy fighting inflation, China's economic data is showing even more deflation than expected: deflation of -0.5% was recorded in November. Food, manufacturing and energy prices were the main contributors. Chinese consumers and deflation The downward trend in prices can ...

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Equities and money market funds at highs, only an apparent contradiction

Posted on 06.12.2023

With equity markets and money market funds at historic highs, why are investors betting on such different markets? An apparent contradiction Vittoria Puledda writes in 'Affari&Finanza' ('La Repubblica') that the growth of stock markets and that of money market funds, both of which have reached record levels, are only apparently contradictory phenomena. The contradiction stems from the fact that these are two very different markets, especially in terms of risk/return: invest ...

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Gold and bitcoin prices point higher

Posted on 04.12.2023

Gold and bitcoin prices are on the rise, but what is the outlook for these two asset classes in 2024? Gold tops $2,000 an ounce The price of gold has been crossing the psychological threshold of $2,000 an ounce for several days now. Yesterday (3 December) the yellow metal even broke through the $2,100 mark. In an article on "CNBC", Lee Ying Shan reports on a note from BMI, the research unit of Fitch Solution: There are three reasons that could support gold buyers in 2024: the cut in ...

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Investment: Investors remain cautious on the Chinese market

Posted on 29.11.2023

How much are the economic slowdown and diplomatic tensions with the US affecting investment in China? So far, geopolitics has played less of a role than one might think, but the unknowns of economic development and international relations are central to the outlook of several analysts. The weight of geopolitics has been reduced so far In the investment environment, geopolitics may sometimes count for less than one might think. Alex Wolf, chief investment strategist for Asia at J.P. Morgan, poi ...

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A portfolio that is ready for the year-end equity rally without neglecting risks

Posted on 24.11.2023

A UBS manager believes that an equity rally is possible by the end of the year. However, he does not overlook the importance of the bond component as a means of portfolio protection and diversification. The positive correlation between equities and bonds in recent months According to an article by Leo Campagna on Financialounge, there seems to have been a return to some correlation between equity and bond returns in recent months. In this regard, Campagna reports on the analysis of UBS Head of ...

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National Insurance tax cut: what benefits will it bring?

Posted on 23.11.2023

The UK government has announced a cut in National Insurance contributions. What will this mean for savers' wallets? Will this offset the recent tax hike by the London government? The National Insurance tax cut Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has announced that National Insurance (NI) tax will fall from 12% to 10% from 6 January 2024. The measure will affect up to 27 million people. As the Treasury explained in the Guardian, with reference to 2024-2025, this will mean an average annual saving of &po ...

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ECB: Risks for the markets and the possibility of another rate hike

Posted on 23.11.2023

The ECB warned that another rate hike was not out of the question and that financial markets were exposed to deteriorating economic conditions and the risk of recession. European inflation falling (mainly due to energy prices) European inflation has fallen sharply in recent months: +5.2% in August, +4.3% in September, +2.9% in October. The 2% inflation target now seems very close. However, if we exclude energy, which is one of the most volatile items in the basket used to measure inflation, th ...

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Investors' fears today and how to deal with them

Posted on 23.11.2023

Natixis has published research identifying the top fears of investors today and strategies to address them: a manager from Ostrum AM (Natixis) looks at the issue from an investor's perspective. Inflation and recession the most common investor fears Natixis IM conducted a survey ("Individual Investors Survey") covering 23 countries and 8,550 investors. It found that the most common fear among investors is inflation (58%), followed by recession (38%), market volatility and interest ...

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News on OpenAI, Nvidia and Amazon, and the resignation of Binance's CEO

Posted on 22.11.2023

In the last few hours, there has been a series of news regarding three very important US tech companies, OpenAI, Nvidia and Amazon, as well as the cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance. Altman returns as CEO of OpenAI It has only been a short time since CEO Sam Altman was fired and then rehired by OpenAI, the company he founded and which launched ChatGPT. This should ensure that the company retains many employees who might otherwise have followed Altman to his new position at Microsoft. For ...

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