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Banks are businesses in every way. They’re engaged in preserving savings and administering credit. They’re fundamentally important economic actors –both for the present economy and financial markets. On one hand, they connect the deposits market with the credit market. On the other hand, they’re the primary providers of financial products. They offer services and products ranging from savings to capital investments.

Hedge funds ignore Europe, but for some analysts European banks are a good investment

Posted on 15.04.2024

Although some major hedge fund managers consider Europe to be an unattractive area from an investment perspective, other analysts believe that the banking sector in the Old Continent may, on the contrary, offer some investment opportunities. Europe neglected by major hedge fund managers As Morya Longo writes in 'Sole 24 Ore', at the recent Investors' Forum in Milan organised by Ceresio Investors, a number of hedge fund managers gathered to discuss investments and financial markets. ...

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The US commercial real estate crisis is also a risk for Europe

Posted on 16.02.2024

The crisis in the US non-residential real estate sector is also affecting the banking sector in Europe. Morya Longo, in an article for Sole 24 Ore, traces the thread that links these two seemingly distant sectors. US commercial property in trouble The US real estate market is currently in crisis for two reasons: firstly, the spread of home working, which has reduced demand for office space; secondly, the rise in interest rates, which makes the cost of debt, including mortgages, more expensive. ...

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Investing: what are the most promising banking trends?

Posted on 22.01.2024

The banking sector is also undergoing a process of digital innovation that is giving rise to important trends: from the development of personalised services for customers to greater guarantees in the field of cybersecurity. The platform also writes about this, reporting on the reflections of Vincenzo Fiore, CEO of Auriga, a company specialising in banking software. Physical and digital experiences: the hybrid banking system One of the trends in the banking sector is so-called & ...

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Inflation and interest rates: what can we expect from central banks?

Posted on 09.01.2024

What will the Fed and the ECB do about interest rates, even in the face of important data such as employment in the US and inflation in Europe? Fed: does a rate cut in the first half of 2024 seem premature? For some weeks now, it has been clear that the markets are expecting a rate cut as early as March. As far as the US is concerned, while we await the inflation data, it is worth mentioning two statements made by two key Federal Reserve officials: Michelle Bowman, Governor, and Raphael Bostic ...

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Strong banks, but not without risk: the ECB's ranking

Posted on 21.12.2023

An ECB ranking provides some interesting insights into the strengths and weaknesses of banks in Europe. The ECB's ranking of bank stability Which are the most stable banks in the EU? The European Central Bank (ECB) has ranked them. Based on the capital requirements determined by the 'Pillar 2 requirement' (the other parameter concerns leverage), the top ten banks in terms of soundness are Credito Emiliano Holding, SFIL, Kutxabank, Bankinter, Banca Mediolanum, DekaBank Deutsche Giro ...

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Rates boost European banks' profits and improve outlook for investing

Posted on 16.11.2023

Interest rate hikes (which appear to have peaked) are boosting banks' earnings and improving the sector's investment outlook. Interest rates and Commerzbank Rising interest rates tend to make lending more profitable, as they increase the profit margin for those institutions that lend in the form of mortgages or financing. It is therefore not surprising that some banks are doing very well. To take the first example, this is the case with Commerzbank. In the first nine months of the year ...

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Central banks: rate hike looks over, but it's too early to talk about cuts

Posted on 10.11.2023

The European Central Bank (ECB) appears to have ended its rate hike cycle, but as with the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, it is not yet possible to predict when rate cuts will begin. The ECB's hike cycle appears to be over, but it is too early to talk about cuts Between August and September there was a sharp fall in inflation in the eurozone, with the measure of the erosion in the purchasing power of money falling to 4.3%. This was compounded by the words of the Governor of the B ...

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18.06.2024 posted by MoneyController

Focus China: from Warren Buffett's moves on the property market to the hunger for offshore investment

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