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Today’s new technologies also offer ever more precise analysis and calculation tools in the financial sector. One example is software for calculating the final capital of a savings plan or the monthly installments for supplementary pensions. Another example concerns software for allocating assets, i.e., for optimally distributing securities within a portfolio on the basis of certain risk and return parameters.

Why advisory platform pricing needs a revamp

Posted on 03.11.2021

Platform pricing should be viewed with a new perspective. The adviser platform market has many difficulties that stem from the FCA’s shared view that they’re financial products like mutual funds. The premise suggests that all advisers have to do is select the most appropriate platform for their clients based on cost and feature comparisons.  That seems plausible if the selection process depends on client suitability criteria. Often, though, advisers primarily benefit and use pl ...

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OneFamily goes digital as more advisors look to provide more services online

Posted on 28.07.2021

OneFamily announced it was entering into a long-term partnership with iPipeline to channel its investments, protection, and savings service to a digital platform. The deal will see iPipeline's SSG Digital platform replace OneFamily’s existing platform. The firm decided to go digital to provide a more flexible and adaptable proposition to its clients. OneFamily has around 2.6 million customers who would now be able to access this comprehensive digital service along with in-house and in ...

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MoneyMarketing: Are advisors justified in using white-label platforms?

Posted on 07.04.2021

Platform software allows financial advisors, and in some cases, the clients themselves, to manage their investment portfolios. In recent years, many advisors have focused on incorporating platforms into their practice. James Hay’s acquisition of Nucleus earlier this year was one example of how platforms are becoming increasingly relevant in the wealth management industry.  In most cases, advisory services have run their own platforms and offered them to their clients. Recently, howev ...

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Why platform consolidation is helpful for clients and advisors

Posted on 22.03.2021

Paul Hogarth recently explained how the recent acquisition of Nucleus by James Hay is likely to bring more consolidation in the platforms sector and improve the overall quality of the platforms that advisors have access to today. With platforms representing an integral part of the future of wealth management, smarter and more focused platforms will be welcomed by all in the industry. What do advisors look for in a platform? Advisors primarily look for the following benefits in using a platform ...

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Milestone Group Seeks to Streamline Investing, Launches Institutional Asset Allocation Solution in APAC

Posted on 09.02.2021

Milestone Group, a global investment firm, has recently launched a new asset allocation solution in APAC that will allow institutions to handle asset allocation more efficiently. The solution provides regional asset allocators access to a comprehensive, efficient and customized cloud technology. The product pControl™Asset Allocation addresses investment modelling and execution process needs by automating and unifying processes for different stakeho ...

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