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Contrarian alert: Is it time to look at software companies?

Posted on 11.07.2024

The first half of 2024 saw the world’s largest companies by market capitalisation continue pushing the broad-based benchmarks for equities seemingly ever higher. However, the performance amongst software-focused companies has been challenged. Can we see an inflection and software-oriented firms doing better in the second half of 2024?

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The evolution of investing: from stagnant sectors to dynamic themes

Posted on 09.07.2024

Sector investing has failed to evolve in line with the rapidly changing market, limiting its effectiveness in the modern investment landscape. Unlike sector investing, thematic investing offers a broader perspective, future orientation, flexibility across traditional sector boundaries, better diversification, potential for higher returns, and alignment with personal values.

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What's Hot: Grains outlook improves owing to weather volatility

Posted on 08.07.2024

Over the past year agricultural commodities performance has bifurcated with soft commodities (cocoa and coffee) driving performance higher while grains (wheat, corn, soybean) lagging in performance.  However, the grains sector is showing signs of recovery following nearly two years of losses. The market remains focussed on the weather. Wheat is showing optimistic signs of recovery amidst the outlook for a weaker Russian wheat crop.

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What is (and isn’t) working within technology stocks?

Posted on 04.07.2024

Nvidia has been driving the markets in 2024, greatly affecting the performance of technology-focused ETFs. We discuss the performance and factors affecting our technology-focused ETFs, the role of Nvidia, and the importance of software and cybersecurity in the AI megatrend.

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The role of bitcoin in a portfolio

Posted on 25.06.2024

With 2024 turning into year one of “the institutionalisation of bitcoin”, investors focus is quickly moving from “does it make sense to allocate to crypto in a multi-asset portfolio?” to “what is the optimal allocation to crypto in my portfolio?”.

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What's Hot: Record US temperatures could drive natural gas demand higher

Posted on 24.06.2024

The United States continues to suffer extreme weather as a heatwave baked millions across the upper Midwest and north-east and a tropical storm soaked Texas and northern Mexico. The National Weather Service said the heatwave was expected to peak in the eastern Great Lakes, New England, the Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic over the weekend of 22-23 June.

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How to choose the right crypto ETP issuer

Posted on 20.06.2024

Choosing the right exchange-traded product (ETP) issuer before allocating to a cryptocurrency ETP is like deciding on a new job. As this should be a long-term commitment, going with a company that has a good track record and reputation, is transparent, and evolves through time should be an important consideration.

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