Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


These contractual conditions represent all of the rules that, together with the Data Protection Declaration, govern the use of MoneyController’s services – Finance & Digital Business – an interactive online magazine between financial service providers and their readers via the website www.moneycontroller.de (“online magazine”). Regulated and managed by [MoneyController Srl with its registered office in Via Stazione, 9/B - 26013 Crema (CR) Italy], VAT ID no. 05937430485. By using this website, the user undertakes to follow the relevant guidelines; MoneyController Srl reserves the right to change these as it deems appropriate.

Online magazine services and liability

With the Online Magazine, the user may use various services, including obtaining information, receiving offers and special offers, participating in forums, blogs and discussions, accessing services, including paid services provided by MoneyController S.r.l., other users and third parties.
The user acknowledges and accepts that the online magazine does not provide advice, either directly or indirectly, and does not provide any tips, recommendations or advice about investments in the sense of the applicable regulations and assumes no liability for the decisions made by the user when consulting the online magazine or other websites linked to it.
MoneyController Srl, as well as its suppliers of information, photographs, comments and content, disclaim all liability for the reliability and correctness of the advertising, information and data circulated, contained or offered in the form of links or as files in the frame of the services offered on the website. MoneyController Srl also declines all responsibility for the quality and accuracy of the information made available to users in the form of news, search results or advertising. The user therefore agrees to assume all usage risks of the data and information available on the website. MoneyController Srl cannot be held responsible for any omissions, inaccuracies or lack of updates.
We are happy to receive information about printing errors, omissions or inaccuracies. Although the topics were treated with the utmost care, no liability is assumed for any inaccuracies or the validity of the information provided in special contexts.


MoneyController S.r.l. declines any responsibility for the content of advertising banners and corresponding advertising links related to the membership of our portal in banner exchange systems, since it is not able – except indirectly through registration in the system in areas related to the subjects covered by our website – to control images and content.
It also declines any liability for website content that is advertised on the portal by means of banners, links, etc. and declares that they have no connection with these websites or with the owners of the corresponding domain names. We also recommend checking the dates of events, trade fairs, conferences, seminars, courses, etc. before making any decisions by contacting the organisers directly.
MoneyController Srl declines any responsibility for possible changes or cancellations.


Current or future content of the website: texts, comments, photographs, illustrations, videos, trademarks, logos, domain names, trade names and any other copyrighted material or any other form of intellectual property are the property of MoneyController Srl, which is authorised to use it.
This material is protected against unauthorised use, duplication and distribution in accordance with the relevant applicable laws. Users are entitled to save, record, print and display the information and data received via our website purely for personal use.
Under no circumstances may the user publish, transmit to third parties, or redistribute or reproduce information in any way and in any format.
It is also expressly prohibited to use the data or information on the website for economic or commercial purposes.

Intellectual property and links

Unless otherwise provided, the contents of this website are the property of MoneyController Srl and are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights.
For example, users are prohibited from performing the activities listed below in relation to the website or parts thereof (i.e. including data, IT structure and software):
(i) reproducing, processing, rewriting, translating, adapting in whole or in part on data carriers, transforming, changing, permanently or temporarily manipulating, by whatever means or in whatever form;
(ii) uploading, displaying, publishing, distributing in public, transmitting or storing by any means, including on the Internet;
(iii) selling, licensing or sub-licensing, transfering or making themselves available to third parties in any way and by any means, free or in return for payment;
(iv) using or making copies for advertising, special offers, commercial or other purposes, which have nothing to do with the use of the services and navigation on the website. Any action that does not comply with this guide’s provisions must be approved in writing by MoneyController Srl.
The authorised activities must in any case be carried out for lawful purposes and in a lawful manner. Hypertext links to other websites that may be referred to on the website or that are linked to it are independently managed by third parties and MoneyController.

Registration on the website

By registering, the user assumes responsibility for all activities that are carried out under their account or password and undertakes not to sell, transfer or assign the registration or any rights derived from it. The user is responsible for ensuring that their password is kept confidential and that access to their computer is limited so that third parties cannot access the website with the user’s name and password. MoneyController Srl reserves the right to terminate the registration and/or deny the right of access to any person, to limit or interrupt the services, and to remove and/or change – even partially – content considered inappropriate and can exclude a user from the website whose conduct violates these terms.
The website users undertake: not to use false, harmful, threatening, insulting, hurtful, defamatory, slanderous, vulgar, obscene, violent, racially discriminatory, terroristic or illegal acts or in any other way submit, publish, send, upload, or make available in any way objectionable content in the “Comments” section of the website; the corresponding assessment is made at the company's own discretion; – not to transmit, publish, send, upload or in any way make any content in the “Comments” section of the website that violates the statutory provisions for patents, registered trademarks or that violate copyrights or other intellectual property rights or rights of third parties; – not to transmit, publish, send, upload or make any connections (links) to other websites in the “Comments” section of the website.

Links and quotes

MoneyController Srl does NOT carry out any checks on the linked websites or websites that wish to be linked or on the material published directly by the hosts using free or paid space on the website.
Anyone who feels disturbed in any way by links to their own website can ask for the links to be removed or changed – also by sending a simple email to info@moneycontroller.co.uk. The hosts’ pages are updated without any control by MoneyController Srl, which is limited to providing a physical space on the network free of charge and can therefore not be held responsible in any way for the content of the hosted pages.
The website contains numerous links to third-party websites obtained from the Internet. MoneyController Srl cannot be held responsible for the availability of third party offers or their content, nor does it guarantee or be in any way responsible for the ideas, content, advertising, products or other materials present on these websites.
In no event will MoneyController S.r.l. be liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage arising from or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services available on these websites. If you have any questions or problems with external resources, please contact the websites’ respective administrators or webmasters.

Access to the forum/blog

The publication of contributions or articles is reserved for financial advisors who have an active premium subscription on the website, asset management companies, financial advisory companies and financial experts for whom an advertising campaign is running on the website. Readers must create an account in order to write a comment on one or more posts published in the online magazine’s forum/blog. Username (login) and password can be freely selected when creating an account.
Complete and accurate information must be provided in order to create an account.

Registration in the forum is valid indefinitely.
The blog/forum on the website is public. All of the content contained therein is accessible to anyone who surfs the website, and the above contributions can also be displayed on the search engine results pages. The contributions entered by the users are visible for an unlimited period of time. The username selected during registration can be published in relation to the contributions made by the user themselves. The user’s email address is never mentioned but can be used to provide services and for the reasons stated in the privacy policy.
The use of pseudonyms is not permitted. A user can enter an unlimited number of contributions.
The forum/blog is provided for personal use and for non-commercial purposes. By using this service, the user accepts not to use this forum to distribute material that is false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, Illegitimate, harassing, obscene, profane, explicitly sexual, threatening, violating people's privacy or otherwise unlawful. The user accepts that they are the sole person responsible for the comments posted online. The user declares that they are aware that the responsibility for the content of the comments rests with the person who sent them. The user declares that he/she is aware that in the event of legal actions or injunctions filed or requested against MoneyController S.r.l. and/or any of its associated companies at the instigation of third parties regarding the conduct or the terms of use of the service by a user, he/she shall be obliged to indemnify MoneyController S. r.l. and/or its affiliated companies from all adverse consequences in connection with such actions, as well as to reimburse all losses, damages, costs, fees and expenses incurred by MoneyController S.r.l. and/or its affiliated companies as a result of non-compliance with these Terms of Use.
By sending the content, the user accepts all implementations and gives their consent to its use as far as possible, including the reproduction and distribution by MoneyController Srl on the websites of the sites under its control and on the pages of third-party social networks;] they also consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act as amended (Legislative Decree 196/2003). MoneyController Srl does not guarantee or assume liability for the correctness, completeness and, in general, the content of comments/messages sent directly by the users.
MoneyController Srl reserves the right as host to provide the judicial or administrative authorities, upon request, with all available and useful information for investigating criminal offenses. MoneyController Srl does not share any of the comments entered, does not vouch for them and cannot vouch for the identity of the users. The user guarantees that none of the materials sent by him violate legal regulations, for example, but without claim to completeness, that the content of the comment is not obscene, defamatory, blasphemous, racist, pseudo-pornographic or against intellectual property rights, moral rights, copyrights or violates rights to the protection of personal data of third parties or publication rights and generally complies with all legal provisions on copyright in its current version (Act No. 633 of 22). It is forbidden to send messages containing information about the private life of others, including, without claim to completeness, e-mail address or postal address or telephone number. It is also prohibited to use the forum/blog to advertise offers of a commercial nature. The following are prohibited: mentioning links to commercial websites or any other practice that could be classified as advertising and/or promotional activity. It is also forbidden to provide links to other websites or forums with illegal content or content that does not comply with these legal notices, or to request them. Identical or similar messages sent in multiple copies can be considered spam and thus removed. It is forbidden to post messages or comments, The user declares they are aware that MoneyController Srl reserves the right to remove comments/messages entered by users; this does not affect the fact that each individual author bears sole responsibility for what is in the comments/messages. Abuse can be reported electronically using the form with which users can ask the moderator to remove the content that is considered incorrect or offensive or because the content may violate the rights of third parties because it does not comply with the above rules of conduct. Any request submitted in a different form will not be considered.

Advertising contracts reserved for employed and freelance financial advisors

This contract is configured as an “advertising contract”; MoneyController Srl grants financial advisors, whether employed or freelancers, a place on their website, in the “Advisor” section, in order to promote themselves and their activity to the readers of MoneyController, who then have the opportunity to contact the advisor and interact with activated communication channels. The user must fill out a form: first name, last name, telephone number, e-mail address and postcode are required for registration. Date of birth, occupation or place of residence are voluntary. After entering the data, the customers receive a confirmation e-mail with the activation link. By clicking the registration link, the data will be sent to the consultant. MoneyController SRL is entitled to send the data to the advisers contacted. Users who contact one or more financial advisors to arrange a telephone interview with them or to obtain information will receive a form from MoneyController in order to provide an assessment of the quality of the answers received; the user does not have to fill out this form. The rating generated by the readers’ voting is published on the financial advisor’s profile if at least 5 votes have been cast. All contents of the PREMIUM advertising page reserved for them are provided by the advisor, who must send them to us – if they decide to publish with support (at a one-time extra charge) – in the appropriate format together with the application to sign the advertising campaign. MoneyController reserves the right to accept the request and also request the full or partial exchange of any material (text or images) received that it deems unsuitable for publication. The advertising campaign has a duration of 12 months. The subscription can be made in a single payment or in twelve monthly installments with a surcharge on the subscription price. Payment by credit card must be made at the time of signing. The financial advisor can change the content of their advertising page at any time by sending us the relevant material; MoneyController undertakes to publish it within 72 hours of receiving it after passing the check. Within the same period, MoneyController may reject the content that it considers not to be in accordance with its publishing concept.
Excessive requests for updating the content of the site, which are not justified or not justified by real means, may be blocked at the unappealable discretion of the publisher.
In any case, the financial advisor bears full responsibility for the content published on their page within the www.moneycontroller.de website.


The advisors are obliged to treat e-mails or messages and, more generally, the data of other advisors or consumers they receive from MoneyController as part of the online service as confidential and not to make them available to third parties without the consent of the persons concerned. This also applies to names, telephone or fax numbers and e-mail addresses or postal addresses. The advisor is obliged to keep the access data to their profile (username and password) secret and to protect it from unlawful use by third parties. If the advisor suspects unlawful use of their access data, they must inform MoneyController immediately.