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Fintech is the name of the smartphone  app area of ​​information technology in the financial sector. The apps range from payment, transaction and remittance systems to security, risk calculation, advisory and donation programmes. According to a calculation by the Fintech & Insurtech Observatory, 1,210 international startups were active in the techno-finance sector in 2018.

From Twitter to Elon Musk and the ace of digital payments

Posted on 07.08.2023

Behind the rebranding of the social network he acquired, Elon Musk may be planning a relaunch of his digital payment platform business. What is behind Twitter's rebranding to Twitter's name change to 'X' could be more than just a rebranding exercise: the founder of Tesla and Space-X could be returning to one of his first interests, digital payments; Elon Musk, it should be recalled, was one of the founders of PayPall. As Daniel Wolfe (American Banker) explains to Yahoo F ...

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Artificial intelligence could change the face of finance

Posted on 13.03.2023

The success of ChatGPT and other similar programmes has led to a growing debate on the role and prospects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), considered one of today's megatrends. The financial sector is also involved in this transformation, as expert Antonio Lanotte explains in an interview with Donatella Maisto in QuiFinanza magazine. The financial applications of AI are numerous Lanotte starts from the important fact that AI, like other technologies, cannot completely replace human input. ...

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The unexpected face of the fintech revolution

Posted on 24.03.2022

The fintech revolution has changed a lot in the way people relate to finance. However, it has not happened as one might have expected. Emilio Barucci wrote about it in the Huffington Post. Fintech and the habits of investors/savers Banking, buying financial products and investing in stock exchanges around the world has never been easier. Paper documents are increasingly giving way to digital documents and the number of bank branches closed in recent years is impressive. Techno finance, or fint ...

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How important is fintech?

Posted on 10.02.2022

Fintech is a sector whose importance is growing more and more. Here are some figures and some areas in which this growing importance is becoming increasingly clear. Let's take an interesting in-depth analysis that appeared in the magazine "FONDS professionell". Fintech, a growing sector The "Global FinTech Market Report 2021" speaks of an average growth of the fintech sector of 27% expected between 2020 and 2026. Investment in the sector is growing at an extraordinary r ...

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The different faces of fintech

Posted on 02.02.2022

Fintech is the name given to the field of technological innovation applied to finance. It is not only an area of great expansion throughout the world, but a complex system with many faces. We discuss it by taking some considerations from Giulia Adonopoulos' useful analysis on "". The growing success of fintech In her article, which appeared some time ago, Adonopoulos mentioned data from Fintech Adoption by the consulting firm Ernst & Young. 64% of those who have acces ...

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Jupiter Opportunities Fund, a way to invest in the changing financial sector

Posted on 19.11.2021

Many generalist fund managers might shun the financial sector since it’s difficult to analyse. If you want exposure, then you can benefit from what specialist funds have to offer. That way, you can make the most of the financial revolution.  Financial services have evolved into much more than banking. Even banking is different from using apps to pay in cheques and access and manage your accounts. You can now trade stocks and shares in just one tap using platforms like Robinhood.  ...

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Research shows the UK fintech industry might be starting to mature

Posted on 20.09.2021

The UK fintech has seen the launch of more than 1,000 fintech startups in the past decade. Collectively, they’ve raised more than £11.4 billion and achieved a current valuation of £86 billion. According to research by Clarus Investments, only 150 out of a total of 1,100 venture-capital-backed companies would create value; others would disappear.  The research showed that the UK fintech industry might be starting to mature. The findings highlighted that pre-season A fundin ...

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