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The financial sector is a complex industry in which investors’ savings and assets are processed, launched, sold and bought like products. Production and management chains are run with the same strategy and management logic as in the real industry.

Capital gains tax on the rise: here are some possible reliefs

Posted on 27.11.2023

Capital gains tax is rising in the UK, but how can investors/researchers try to minimise the tax burden on capital gains? Capital gains tax threshold falls This year, the UK's capital gains tax threshold, or tax-free allowance, has been more than halved, from applying only to those with capital gains above £12,300 to those with capital gains above £6,000. However, as reported in Telegraph Money, the UK government is about to introduce a further tax increase: from April 2024, th ...

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Warren Buffett explains the big mistake investors make

Posted on 10.11.2023

What is one of the most common mistakes investors make when approaching the financial markets without adequate professional preparation? The mistake investors make in the markets According to Warren Buffett, one of the world's most famous and successful investors, there is one trap that investors systematically fall into: the belief that they know when it is the right time to buy or sell a financial instrument. In short, the belief that they can beat the market by investing in the short te ...

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Mistakes some portfolio managers have promised not to make again

Posted on 11.10.2023

Predicting the financial markets is impossible, so it should come as no surprise that even professionals often make mistakes. With this in mind, the magazine 'FONDS Professionell' has published an article in which a number of equity portfolio managers from the company Capital Group talk about their mistakes and what they have learned from them. Don't rely too much on success stories Reading these opinions shows how important it is to give the right weight to information. First, it ...

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Diversification, getting it right is key to investing

Posted on 24.04.2023

An investment that takes into account an investor's risk profile and investment objectives cannot do without effective diversification. It is important that diversification is effective Diversification is one of the most important strategies for matching a portfolio to an investor's risk profile. However, not all savers/investors seem to be aware of the importance of diversification in managing risk (see Unsystemic Risk and Systematic Risk). As AdviseOnly points out, there is an import ...

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Inflation, bonds and equities

Posted on 07.04.2022

The current crisis linked to rising inflation and a global economic slowdown is affecting markets across the board, as it is affecting both the equity and bond markets. An article in "advisoronline" magazine summarises the market analysis of Andrew Craig, Co-head Investment Insights at BNP Paribas AM. Stock market remains resilient despite everything Equity markets are currently experiencing certainly above-average volatility. Increases in the cost of consumer goods, energy and raw m ...

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Diversification and selection remain central to addressing risk

Posted on 06.04.2022

The situation of uncertainty in the markets makes it difficult to make choices. In this regard, it is interesting to read the market analysis of Carlo Benetti, market specialist at GAM (Italy) SGR, which appeared on the portal "advisoronline". Benetti concludes that diversification remains one of the best tools investors have to deal with the current market situation. Uncertainty in equity and bond markets In his analysis, Benetti first analyses the results of stock market indices si ...

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7 investment products that aren’t as risk-free as you might think

Posted on 15.10.2021

When investing in shares, you may suffer several risks. One includes selling your holdings at a lower price than you've bought them, which would result in a capital loss. The second risk is from an income reduction, where companies slash the dividends they payout. You could find financial products that help you reduce such risks, but are they effective?  1. Structured products Structured products pay you based on the performance of bonds and derivatives linked to stock market performa ...

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What are cyclical stocks and what you should know before investing

Posted on 13.10.2021

Markets are suffering strong volatility due to the growing uncertainties regarding monetary policies, supply chain constraints, inflation, and the pandemic. Still, not all stocks report the same performance. During the 2020 crash following the pandemic, the market was affected as a whole. Some stocks, like dining and airlines, were hit harder than others like life and health insurance.  Market volatility means stock prices can go down depending on market conditions. Cyclical stocks often f ...

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