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Insurance policies are contracts that are concluded between a company and a natural or legal person and under which the insurance company undertakes to pay the contract partner a contractually agreed amount for a fee (the so-called premium). This happens when a set time has passed or when a certain event occurs. Depending on the subject of the contract, insurances are divided into two broad types: “life insurance” and “damage insurance”.

Insurance, reinsurance and catastrophe bonds: promising investments

Posted on 28.12.2023

A GAM manager believes two specific products in the insurance market offer a positive outlook for 2024. Insurance-linked securities (ILS) and catastrophe bonds (cat bonds) Among the assets that performed well were a number of insurance-linked financial securities: insurance-linked securities (ILS) and catastrophe bonds (cat bonds). Nelson Seo, manager of GAM's Cat Bonds strategy, writes about this on "". ILS bonds are financial products that allow insurance compani ...

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The risks facing European insurance companies

Posted on 09.02.2023

Despite some optimism on the part of financial players, the economic and financial market situation (with the prospect of a prolonged bear market) remains complex and a source of uncertainty for the European insurance industry. The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (Eiopa) addresses this issue in more detail in its Risk Dashboard. High macroeconomic and financial risks The level of insurance risks (calculated on the basis of Q3 solvency in 2022) is assessed as medium overa ...

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Insurance to overcome financial uncertainty

Posted on 25.10.2022

In recent weeks, the Festival delle Assicurazioni (Insurance Festival) took place in Milan, organised by Milano Finanza (MF) magazine in collaboration with the consulting firm Accenture. The festival provided an opportunity to take stock of how insurance companies are coping with the demands of a rapidly changing economy and society. In this regard, we report here some interesting considerations from an interview with Daniele Presutti, senior managing director insurance lead for Europe at Accent ...

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Insurance models need to be updated with the war

Posted on 27.04.2022

Russia's war in Ukraine is beginning to have an increasingly profound effect on the world of finance, but also on the insurance industry. An article in Cash magazine, for example, discusses how insurance policies will also have to take into account the possible and actual consequences of the war. 2022, a year full of news for the insurance industry According to Herbert Schneidemann, Chairman of the Board of the German Actuarial Association (DAV), 2022 will be a decisive year for the insura ...

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Some of the important trends for insurance

Posted on 29.03.2022

Innovation and digitisation are changing the face of many finance-related activities. In this regard, even insurance companies will have to face important changes in the coming years. Andrea Frollà writes about this in "La Repubblica", listing some of the most relevant trends. Insurance sector trends The Italian Insurtech Association has outlined the future of the insurance business, which will be increasingly characterised by innovation. Collaboration between large players an ...

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The New Frontiers of Insurtech

Posted on 03.02.2022

The Italian Insurtech Association (IIA), in collaboration with the Fintech and Insurtech Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, has published some interesting data on the growth of this specific fintech sector. Along with this data, lines of development of the insurtech sector were also presented. It is worth summarising them. But before listing them, a small premise: insurtech is the branch of fintech applied to the world of insurance, especially in the area of data management and contractin ...

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Gen Z and financial stability: how income protection can help

Posted on 02.11.2021

Each generation suffers unique challenges. For Generation Z (Gen Z), born after 1997, it’s job market challenges combined with the pandemic’s dramatic impact. What can you do to achieve financial empowerment? Income protection could help, but you might be one of the 50% who doesn’t even know income protection exists. It can help you achieve your desired quality of life as you lay your futures’ financial groundwork.  Job stability One thing the pandemic highlighted ...

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Applying for an insurance claim? Here’s why you might end up with nothing.

Posted on 02.09.2021

Who would have thought that posting a selfie while on vacation could void your insurance cover! That’s what a study by MoneySuperMarket, surveying 2,000 people across the UK in June 2021, has shown. Failing to read the terms and conditions carefully could lead you to breach the terms unintentionally and invalidate your cover.  The research found that 16% of people posted selfies while still on vacation without knowing that would lead to having the insurance company turn down their in ...

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What is tenant insurance?

Posted on 12.05.2021

Unsure what tenant insurance is? First, let’s consider the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant. The landlord, as the owner of the property, is responsible for the structure and fittings of the property. They usually have in place insurance to repair or rebuild the property in case of damage, including anything they have offered as part of the property such as the fridge or any furniture. As for the soft furnishings or personal belongings, these are not the responsibility o ...

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