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Investments are productive means to use resources. In the financial world, investing is a productive way of managing savings. The investor therefore temporarily removes some of their resources to generate a profit. Therefore, those who receive the capital to manage are specialised and professionally qualified to make these savings productive by investing in financial activities as instructed.

Software investing: Riding the rollercoaster

Posted on 14.06.2024

Within WisdomTree’s suite of thematic equity strategies, both the WisdomTree Team8 Cybersecurity UCITS NTR Index (WTCBRN), tracked by WisdomTree Cybersecurity UCITS ETF (WCBR) and BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud NTR Index (EMCLOUDN), tracked by WisdomTree Cloud Computing UCITS ETF (WCLD) focus largely on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies. There is an overall feeling of concern as we reach the halfway mark in 2024, as we are receiving questions from investors and seeing a range of articles d ...

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European small caps: ready to outperform the benchmark?

Posted on 11.06.2024

In recent years, the performance of small caps in Europe has so far, on average, been lower than that of larger capitalisation companies. Is it possible that current conditions could favour growth of small caps even above the market benchmark? Unfavourable conditions for small caps As Francesco Lavecchia, Morningstar's Research Editor in Italy, points out, small caps have underperformed mid and large caps in Europe. There are more than one reason for this. Lavecchia mentions in this regard ...

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Surprise: bond sales despite rate cut

Posted on 07.06.2024

The European Central Bank (ECB) lowered interest rates by 0.25%. However, something happened in the bond market that one might not have expected. What will the ECB's next moves be? Yesterday's decision by the ECB to cut rates by 25 basis points was expected by the markets. In a way, some analysts have pointed out, it is possible to think that this decision had already been discounted in terms of prices as well. What the markets are wondering about today is, rather, what the next move i ...

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Can uncertainty in the markets be tackled with balanced investments?

Posted on 30.05.2024

Some managers believe that, despite the difficulties of the past year and a half, balanced strategies can still be effective in dealing with uncertain markets. This is the view of Capital Group, for example, whose balanced strategy was also the subject of an article in ‘’. The elements of uncertainty in the markets After the stock and bond markets recorded positive results during 2023, the beginning of 2024 was also characterised by optimism on the part of market par ...

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Asset allocation: quality and international companies

Posted on 29.05.2024

Here is an example of an asset allocation that takes both growth and quality of companies as criteria: the result is a portfolio that contains, among the largest exposures, companies with solid business and international calibre. Concentration of investments in North America Das Investment magazine described the investment strategy of David Dudding, portfolio manager of the CT (Lux) Global Focus fund of Columbia Threadneedle Investments. The fund concentrates its investments mainly in North Am ...

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Investing in US equities and European bonds

Posted on 23.05.2024

Multi-asset investments involve spreading assets over more than one asset class, but usually do not neglect the selection of securities for each. An example of a portfolio. An example of a multi-asset portfolio A multi-asset investment portfolio involves an asset allocation that is at least diversified between stocks and bonds. However, security selection is usually not limited to the allocation of assets between stocks and bonds, but also goes as far as selecting the securities to be included ...

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Bond investors seem to be ignoring some risks

Posted on 21.05.2024

There is growing demand for bonds on the markets, which causes prices to rise and yields to fall. This dynamic, however, may be accompanied by a certain underestimation of risks by investors. Spread between corporate bonds and risk-free bonds falls The spread between corporate bonds and so-called risk-free (i.e. low-risk) government bonds has narrowed recently. The reason is that demand is driving up prices and lowering yields, which are therefore closer to those of government bonds of very so ...

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Investing in value stocks, a look at valuations and dividends

Posted on 21.05.2024

What are the prospects on the markets today for a value investor? Value securities and prices closer to fair value ‘Value’ and ‘growth’ are two types of securities, as well as two types of investment strategies (‘value investing’). Value' securities are defined as such on the basis of their market valuation and their business characteristics: on the one hand, the share price is on average closer to fair value (often even lower) than is the ...

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High-Yield risky, but attracts investors with yields as high as 9%

Posted on 15.05.2024

When a financial product offers (at least, in the short term) moderately high returns, it is usually also characterised by moderately high risks: this is the case with high-yield bonds, which are now characterised by historically high returns and risks. Historically high yields and risks for high-yield bonds High-yield bonds are by definition bond products that offer higher returns than the average returns of their asset class. However, they also carry higher risks, namely the risk of seeing t ...

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18.06.2024 posted by MoneyController

Focus China: from Warren Buffett's moves on the property market to the hunger for offshore investment

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