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Investments are productive means to use resources. In the financial world, investing is a productive way of managing savings. The investor therefore temporarily removes some of their resources to generate a profit. Therefore, those who receive the capital to manage are specialised and professionally qualified to make these savings productive by investing in financial activities as instructed.

The time for multi-asset portfolios is back

Posted on 07.12.2023

After a difficult period, multi-asset portfolios now appear to be in a favourable position. A portfolio manager writes about this in the magazine Das Investment. The multi-asset strategy and the mixed portfolio of stocks and bonds Multi-asset portfolios are the result of an investment diversification strategy that typically combines an equity and a bond component within a portfolio. As GAP portfolio manager Georgios Passameras explains, equities are the most yield-oriented investment in the lo ...

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How to invest if recession becomes probable again?

Posted on 06.12.2023

Not all asset managers believe that the risk of recession has disappeared: what is the situation in their portfolios? The risk of recession has not disappeared In 2024, the risk of a recession in the US and Europe remains real. As we read in "Focus Risparmio", Vontobel's Head of Hybrid Portfolio Management, Gianluca Ungari, outlines the possible scenario of an economy in a mild recession, not least because the economic consequences of restrictive monetary policies are usually not ...

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The risk and return advantages of intermediate-grade bonds

Posted on 04.12.2023

A manager of an asset management company talks about his investment strategy, which looks with interest at the intermediate bond segment (rated between B and triple B). High yield bonds The bullish interest rate cycle has led the bond segment to achieve coupon yields that we have not seen for a long time. According to an article on "", Laurent Gorgemans, Global Head of Investment Management at Nordea Asset Management, points out that in Europe, for example, the high-yie ...

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Growing interest in private investments, but they remain risky and for the few

Posted on 28.11.2023

In recent years, financial markets have shown a positive correlation between equities and bonds, as well as bear markets. This has led to increased interest in private investments, which offer institutional and wealthy investors opportunities for returns and diversification, but are investments reserved for a select few investors due to their high level of risk. Private investments: high risks and rewards Private (or alternative) investments are a financial area typically reserved for institut ...

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Investing in US equities to boost portfolio returns

Posted on 28.11.2023

It is often the case that investors tend to invest in their own country's stock indices because they know them best. However, this can mean that many investors miss out on opportunities that arise in other equity indices. This is one of the points made in an article by Stephan Albrech, director of asset manager Albrech & Cie, published in the magazine "Das Investment". Comparing indices appropriately Albrech starts by highlighting an important aspect when comparing diffe ...

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Inflation, recession and geopolitical risk: can Quality offer a safe-haven?

Posted on 21.11.2023

2023 did not deliver the recession that many were expecting. Consumer strength helped carry the US, as the Federal Reserve (Fed) stayed determined to combat inflation. With credit card debt in the US above pandemic levels, excess savings spent, and inflation below wage growth, the Fed is now acknowledging that inflation can't be the only focus anymore and the risk of an overly restrictive monetary policy on the economy is of equal importance.

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