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ETFs, or “exchange traded funds”, are investment instruments known categorically as “passive asset management”. These are investment funds that precisely track the performance of an index, such as the Nasdaq 100 or the S&P 500, and also indices from industry markets such as raw materials or biotech. They offer many advantages including investment diversification, convenience (index replication is automatic) and relatively low management fees.

Active ETFs: what are they and why are they so popular?

Posted on 12.04.2024

There is a type of ETF that is referred to as 'active'. But what are they and what are the reasons for the growing investor demand for these products (mainly in the US for now)? Growing success of active ETFs, especially in the US Active ETFs are financial products that have become increasingly popular recently, especially in the US. On the 'ExtraETF' portal, Katja Brauchle reports on some thoughts from Ryan Jackson, an analyst at Morningstar. Jackson identifies a number of fac ...

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ETFs, Europe and other less explored markets offer opportunities for managers and investors

Posted on 05.04.2024

Europe and several emerging markets are markets with strong growth potential for ETFs, according to a Franklin Templeton manager. How ETFs benefit investors ETFs are investment funds whose portfolio replicates the basket of securities in a financial index. Thanks to their relatively simple operating mechanism, the transparency of their performance and their low management costs - on average significantly lower than those of active investment funds - these investment products have become increa ...

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How to evaluate an ETF investing in consumer goods?

Posted on 06.03.2024

What is the stock market outlook for the consumer goods sector in 2024? Before attempting to answer this question, it is worth looking at the sector's performance in 2023. Inflation and interest rates also penalise consumer goods on the stock market As Florian Hainzl writes on the ExtraETF portal, the consumer discretionary segment has suffered from a number of difficulties that the sector has had to face. On the one hand, Hainzl mentions inflation, i.e. the rise in production costs, which ...

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Bond ETFs: a way to diversify bond investments

Posted on 12.02.2024

Bond ETFs are investment instruments that, although their risks should not be underestimated, allow you to invest in bonds in a diversified, liquid way and with relatively small amounts of money. Diversification ETFs offer a way for many investors to access the bond market, with certain advantages. One of the first strengths of ETFs as investment funds is diversification: these financial instruments invest in a basket of securities that can be diversified in terms of (a) the number and (b) the ...

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How can I invest in a bitcoin ETF in Europe?

Posted on 16.01.2024

Following the SEC's approval of several bitcoin ETFs, many investors in Europe may be wondering whether it is possible to invest in this type of product in Europe. Bitcoin ETFs in the US and ETPs in Europe The news that the SEC has approved 14 asset management companies' bitcoin ETFs has left many European investors wondering: how can I invest in bitcoin ETFs in Europe? As Valerio Baselli explains on Morningstar, from this point of view, Europe is already equipped. Or rather, European ...

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Why expertise matters for thematic ETFs

Posted on 11.01.2024

In our recent survey of professional investors in Europe, around 25% of all respondents said that passive strategies don’t provide expert stock selection. While it is true that many passive strategies are designed to give investors a pure beta exposure to known benchmarks like the MSCI World or the S&P 500, passive vehicles have immense scope to adopt a smart approach where it makes sense.

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ETFs: Market trends in Europe

Posted on 07.12.2023

In the third quarter of this year, ETF inflows in Europe showed some trends worth looking at. Maturity ETFs and actively managed ETFs What trends are driving the European ETF market? Morninstar has identified some of these trends and reports on them in an article by Sara Silano. Among the new developments tracked by Morningstar is the arrival of maturity bond ETFs in Europe, first distributed by iShares and then by DWS. Also entering the European market is Ark Invest, Cathie Wood's company ...

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