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ESG products have been the most innovative and successful products in the investment industry in recent years. The acronym stands for “Environmental, Social, Governance”. These products are used in the financial sector to indicate the range of capital investments consistent with the goals of maximum possible improvement in environmental, social and governance benefits.

Lack of ESG standards is also a problem for financial advice

Posted on 13.05.2024

Many investors would have the intention to invest in sustainability. However, the criteria for defining what is sustainable (e.g. ESG) and what is not are not unambiguous and create confusion within this market. Difficult to draw the boundaries of sustainability One of the biggest problems concerning sustainable investments concerns the definition of sustainability. In other words, apart from the very serious problem of greenwashing, the point is this: it is difficult to clearly draw the conto ...

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What if ESG was just a passing fad?

Posted on 29.04.2024

Is the great success of ESG investments over? This was also asked by the Wall Street Journal in an article by Jon Sindreu. The reasons for the ESG investment crisis ESG-friendly investments have seen their success decline in recent years. There are more than one reason for this: the difficulty in achieving a clear and agreed taxonomy; the lack of unambiguous evaluation criteria; the 'greenwashing' of non-sustainable investments; the fact that sustainability and, to a certain extent the ...

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Greenwashing, the regulatory clampdown continues and the possibility of a refund emerges

Posted on 09.04.2024

After a very successful period, sustainable investing seems to be going through a more complicated phase. The opacity of information and unclear taxonomies and regulations do not help to bring order to this investment universe. However, there is a growing awareness among the general public and among legislators (at European level) of the need to combat the "greenwashing" of financial products, i.e. the claim that an investment is green and sustainable when in fact it is not. A new Eur ...

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Is natural hydrogen really the new sustainable gold?

Posted on 26.03.2024

Hydrogen is back in the news, this time in the form of underground natural gas. Is this a great opportunity or over-enthusiasm?  Natural hydrogen beneath the earth's surface The energy transition (as well as investor interest in sustainable and/or ESG products, undermined by greenwashing, among other things) could be boosted by a clean natural resource: natural hydrogen. Sam Meredith writes about it on CNBC. It is hydrogen that lies beneath the earth's surface and therefore does n ...

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Beware, the risk of greenwashing is growing

Posted on 29.02.2024

Greenwashing, or the 'greening' of investments, is an activity that has not only undermined the credibility of sustainable investments linked to ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria, but - according to some recent research - appears to be on the rise. Growing risk of greenwashing The risk of investing in a product that claims to be sustainable but is not - a 'greenwashing' product - is growing, according to research conducted by MainStreet Partners. The research ...

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Interest rates and inflation cause inflows into ESG funds to plummet: what are the prospects now?

Posted on 13.02.2024

The inflow of ESG funds is clearly declining, even in Europe, as the Q4 2023 data shows. What is the outlook for the trajectory of this market today? The Q4 2023 ESG fund inflow results and the declining trajectory The fourth quarter of 2023 was marked by a negative figure for ESG fund inflows: -$2.5 billion, according to Morningstar data. As Alessandro Cicognani points out in "Affari e Finanza" ("La Repubblica"), this is an impressive contraction, as total net inflows in 2 ...

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The ecological transition as an asset for multi-asset portfolios

Posted on 17.01.2024

The thematic investment scenario in the different areas of sustainability (including ESG investments) appears to be favourable for a multi-asset portfolio strategy. Sustainable equities and bonds As Aliki Rouffiac, portfolio manager of Robeco's Sustainable Multi Asset Solutions team, explains, thematic investments related to ecological transition and climate protection will be characterised by two trends in 2023: 1) a decline in the valuation of the equity segment, 2) an increase in the yi ...

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Overcoming ESG investment bias: what benefits for portfolios?

Posted on 24.11.2023

Many investors have preconceptions about ESG investing, but there is no shortage of research aimed at overcoming them. Sustainable finance and investor objectives The Italian 'Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile' (FFS) has published a paper entitled 'Sustainable finance beyond prejudices', which analyses ten claims about ESG investing and sustainable finance that the FFS believes to be false. Turning these claims on their head, some interesting aspects emerge, such as the fact tha ...

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Renewable energy: today's crisis cannot hide future opportunities

Posted on 17.11.2023

Renewable and green energy stocks are going through a difficult period, but according to a portfolio manager at Triodos Investment Management, it is worth holding on and continuing to invest to reap the benefits of the energy transition. Renewables: a bearish stock market It is easy to see that 2023 was a particularly difficult year for renewable energy stocks. On ExtraETF, Arjan Palthe, portfolio manager at Triodos Investment Management, mentions a few indices in this respect: This year, the ...

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