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In a society in which people are living longer and the birth rate is constantly falling, old-age provision has taken on a central role. The German pension system is based on what is called “three pillars”: 1) statutory pension insurance, 2) company pension insurance and 3) private pension insurance. Company pension insurance is a service provided by the employer. There are two private additional pension schemes funded by the state: the “Riester subsidy through allowances” and the “Riester subsidy through additional tax savings”.

Supplementary pensions: investors' myopia and the role of advice

Posted on 16.05.2024

Saving for retirement is often seen as a forward-looking choice. However, the inclination of many savers is to postpone the decision or to be discouraged by difficulties in choosing a product that is right for them. In this sense, financial advice can play an important role. The inclination towards short-sightedness Experts dealing with supplementary pensions and retirement savings often agree that there is a lack of foresight on the part of savers. This happens because of a number of typical ...

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Retirement: better to save than to work longer

Posted on 02.11.2023

Working as long as possible risks being an ineffective strategy for increasing retirement income. Expectations about retirement age often prove wrong One of the possible strategies for securing a higher return in retirement is to work as long as possible. However, as Greg Iacurci explains on CNBC, this strategy is likely to prove unreliable as it cannot be relied upon completely. The data backs this up. According to a Gallup poll, the age at which Americans expect to retire is 66. But the aver ...

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Investing for retirement: when is it worth starting?

Posted on 23.10.2023

A period of economic and financial uncertainty such as the current one can be a good time to think about important issues for the future, such as supplementary pensions and retirement. Thirty is the right age to start thinking about retirement As Shaw writes, for many people thirty is an age when they begin to achieve important life and career goals: a stable job, a home and a family. Just when some of these key goals have been achieved, it may be the right time to start thinking about the fut ...

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How can I get more out of my pension?

Posted on 12.10.2023

Many UK savers are looking for the right solution for their savings and mortgage plans in the face of inflation on the one hand and rising interest rates on the other. However, there is another very important question: how can I increase the amount you draw from my pension? A very interesting article by Katie Binns appeared in the "Telegraph" on the topic, and we include some of her comments here too. The possibility of an alternative to the standard pension scheme For example, emplo ...

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Is it worth investing in a pension fund?

Posted on 10.10.2023

A comfortable retirement is essential for every worker. This goal, coupled with the prediction that future state pensions will be less generous than they are today, is encouraging more and more people to make strategic investments to secure their future. A common way of channelling these investments is through pension plans, which allow people to generate long-term savings in a flexible way and accumulate capital to supplement state pension income in retirement. You do not need to be an economis ...

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Pensions: reasons to be optimistic, reasons to be less optimistic

Posted on 26.09.2023

What is the current state of pension security and how are savers perceiving it? The investment company Natixis seeks to answer these questions with the publication of a new survey. The Natixis Global Retirement Index and the reasons for optimism According to the 2023 edition of the Natixis Global Retirement Index, there are good reasons to be optimistic about retirement security. In addition to life expectancy and improvements in the quality of life, there are two purely financial elements: a) ...

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Supplementary pensions also have their risks

Posted on 22.08.2023

Supplementary pensions are an increasingly important source of retirement income to ensure a standard of living comparable to that of working life. This does not alter the fact that these forms of investment/savings are also characterised by risks. Giuseppe Timpone, for example, writes about this in an article on the Investireoggi portal, in which he lists some of the main risks associated with integrated pensions. The market risk Pension funds are financial instruments that invest in a portfo ...

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Pensions and social security in Europe: a difficult comparison

Posted on 20.03.2023

The reform of the French pension system has sparked a series of protests in France. These events have provided an opportunity to compare the pension systems of European countries. However, this comparison may be more difficult than one thinks. Comparing European pension systems is harder than it seems As also reported by 'Il Post', 'Les Décodeurs' - an online site linked to the French newspaper 'Le Monde' and dedicated to data analysis and news monitoring - has r ...

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Supplementary pension: more financial education is needed

Posted on 02.11.2022

Demography in certain areas of the world is regarded as an asset. In Europe, on the other hand, demography is a cause for concern. In particular, the sustainability of the pension system is increasingly at risk. The savings industry has prepared long-term solutions aimed precisely at supplementing retirement income. We are talking about retirement savings and supplementary pensions. Transparent information promotes retirement savings Many potential savers, however, do not resort to these forms ...

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