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The subject of a specific market such as the real estate market is real estate and its purchase and sale, regardless of intended use. The development of the real estate market is closely linked to the interest rate indices on loans, whether or not they favour the construction, rental, sale and purchase of real estate.

Opportunities from US real estate: time to invest

Posted on 20.12.2022

The cycle of interest rate hikes implemented by the Federal Reserve has put the US real estate market under pressure. 'FONDS Professionell' magazine devoted an in-depth article to the risks but also the opportunities that the US real estate market offers in this context of restrictive monetary policies. Rising interest rates in the US put pressure on a hitherto growing market In the magazine 'FONDS Professionell' the US real estate market is presented as very large, divers ...

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Is real estate on the brink of crisis?

Posted on 14.11.2022

What are the prospects for the real estate market and for investors in real estate funds? The situation looming in 2023 could be worse than in previous years: inflation and rising interest rates pose risks for the growth of the real estate market. Volatility, inflation and rising interest rates hit the real estate market As also reported by Francesca Vercesi in 'BeBeez' magazine, the president of 'Scenari Immobiliari' Mario Breglia listed two problems facing the real estate mar ...

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Europe: real estate's happy season is coming to an end

Posted on 05.10.2022

Until now, the European real estate market has been considered an asset by many investors. This has been made possible by the trend growth of this market. However, as a recent article by Jack Sidders, published by Bloomberg, shows, real estate investors may face a difficult period. The real estate market, interest rates and mortgages To put it simply, investing in the real estate market means buying houses directly or buying shares in real estate funds. Until now, these investments - although ...

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Forecasts for the European real estate market

Posted on 15.09.2022

The outlook for the European real estate market, even if it does not justify unnecessary alarmism, does not look particularly promising. This is according to Standard & Poor's, which predicts increasing difficulties over the next year and a half. Rising interest rates affect mortgages If the property market relies on mortgages, the rise in interest rates risks causing a contraction in demand. Indeed, credit costs are rising and many individuals and households may refrain from taking ou ...

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Making quick money with real estate: a risk

Posted on 26.08.2022

Online and especially on social media, it is increasingly easy to come across investment advice from many influencers. The advice of these influencers is often aimed at a young audience and offers quick and seemingly attractive prospects for enrichment. However, as Marco Karp points out (the article appeared on ''), these investment tips can be very risky for those who follow them, perhaps by becoming investors in cryptocurrencies or real estate. These suggestions lack the r ...

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The success of real estate funds

Posted on 13.06.2022

Much has been said about the real estate market between 2020 and 2021, especially with regard to the success of certain housing types and logistics centres. But what has the real estate fund market achieved, at least in Europe and the US during 2021? An interesting answer comes from the report by Scenari Immobiliari and Studio Casadei (reported by "Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus", but also quoted by "Borsa Italiana"). The volume of real estate funds and REITs grows The market ...

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Where is European real estate growing?

Posted on 03.05.2022

What are the opportunities in the European property market today? One way to answer this question is to quote some findings of the Colliers report (also available on "") entitled "EMEA: European Living Snapshot". The opportunities in the residential property sector The most relevant data concerns the growth of residential real estate, which has increased by 89% in Europe in the last year. For the first time, residential investment exceeded 30% of total real esta ...

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Real estate investment in Europe is growing

Posted on 31.01.2022

The international property consultancy CBRE has presented some interesting data on the growth of the property market in Europe, including England. A good summary of the research appeared on "" edited by Valentina Magri. In which countries has the volume of investment in real estate grown? The volume of real estate investments in Europe reached €359 billion last year. This figure is 9% higher than in 2019 and 25% higher than in 2020. Growth has been uneven across the con ...

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UK home prices decline for the first time since pandemic lockdowns

Posted on 16.11.2021

UK homes coming to market recorded their sharpest price drop since the pandemic lockdowns peaked in January. The Rightmove survey reported a 0.6% asking price decline in November, following the 1.8% surge recorded in October. That brought average home asking prices to £342,401.  The property website attributed this drop to pre-Christmas inactivity and the end of the property purchase tax break on September 30. According to Rightmove, December is usually the slowest month for the prop ...

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18.06.2024 posted by MoneyController

Focus China: from Warren Buffett's moves on the property market to the hunger for offshore investment

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