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Funds cap. guarantee: 1

Funds global: 153

Funds hedge: 71

Funds shares: 13.976

Funds in the ranking: 2

*Ranking updated on 23.05.2022.
The returns are expressed in euros and the values of 3Y and 5Y are annualised.
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# Investment company Name of the fund Add to
1M 1Y 3Y* 5Y*
Berenberg Aktien Mittelstand IDE000A14XN42 -8.84% (2°) -18.60% (1°) 5.00% (1°) 5.13% (1°) Open overview
and rankings
UniDeutschland XS IDE000A0RPAV6 -8.65% (1°) -25.73% (2°) 2.85% (2°) 2.51% (2°) Open overview
and rankings

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