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Are risk-free investments really risk-free?

Risk-free assets are financial products whose level of risk is so low that financial operators consider it to be virtually zero; however, risk-free assets can still be risky when considering a portfolio's return objectives or the loss of purchasing power due to high inflation. Beauty Flow" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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Topic: Investments

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Compare the performance of funds, ETFs and stocks with PIC and PAC formulas

Within the overview of each product (Funds, ETFs or Shares) the PIC and PAC performance is calculated

T. Rowe Price Funds Global Technology Equity Ah (CHF) LU1602120047 - Period 12 months

Returns 43,50% 43,50%

The capital investment plan reports the performance of the fund through the investment, in one lump sum, of the capital at the beginning of the period considered. Performance is expressed in Euro currency. See also How are investments divided according to the time horizon?

Portfolio result (Portfolio value - Payouts) 21,23%
Savings Plan Performance 42,41%

The savings plan reports performance through the monthly purchase in constant amounts of the fund. Performance is expressed in Euro currency. See also Regular savings accounts and savings plans: how do they work?

*Returns in euros; the values of 3Y and 5Y are annualized. The values and results are provided by

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Securities portfolio asset allocation December 2023

Securities portfolio asset allocation December 2023

The sum of the securities entered into the portfolios created by investors are updated daily.

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