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Are VCTs the answer to lowering your dividend tax tariff?

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MoneyController on 22.09.2021

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a rise in taxes on dividends by 1.25%. How would that affect investing? According to experts, it’s likely to increase demand for venture capital trusts (VCTs) due to their tax exemption benefits.  For an annual allowance of up to £200,000, VCTs can offer you 30% income tax relief. VCT returns, often paid as dividends, are also tax-free. That’s why experts believe they’d present a way for you to reduce taxes, especially if you’re a high earner.  Founder of Wealth Club, Alex Davies, comments that VCTs are one of the few remaining options for tax-efficient investing after you’ve put as much as you can in ISAs and pensions. Nick Bird from Octopus Investments shares Davies’ view. He mentioned that VCTs often target a 5% tax-free dividend. That might attract many new investors and lead existing ones to increase their allocations.  Bird added that this applies more to bu ...

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With more choices and flexibility, should advisers change how they approach customer experience?

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MoneyController on 22.09.2021

Change is happening in the UK financial advice industry. Several main drivers have inflicted change in the past, but recently a new driver has emerged. Today, advisers have to remain modern and offer relevant advice.  Adviser firms have had to change and adapt when regulations change to make sure their practices are compliant. Sometimes, the need to cut costs forces firms to change how they give advice. Many also change to attract new customers and increase revenues through an improved customer experience.  Today, advisers have found a new reason to revamp their business. They’ve had to find new ways to meet clients’ engagement needs. To evolve, advisers should understand the current consumer behaviour. That would help firms and individual advisers plan for the future.  Understand consumer behaviour Consumer behaviour is all about having choices and flexibility. That’s why not focusing on your clients is detrimental to business. Clients ha ...

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Diversify your portfolio with ETFs and index funds

MoneyController on 21.09.2021

Investing involves a certain amount of risk. That’s why one of the first things you might consider is how to reduce your risk or keep it at your desired level. Here’s where diversification could come into play. Diversification is holding an investment in different asset classes and different assets within the same class.  Often, you’d assess companies and sectors to select the ones that suit you. An easier way is to invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or index funds. cAccording to Chris Berkel from AXIS Financial, investing in a fund that tracks an index is most often the only way to invest in it.  ETFs ETFs are investment vehicles traded like stocks but, instead of representing a single company, they represent a pool of securities. It could include stocks, bonds, options, commodities, or a combination. Some ETFs intend to follow an index and match its performance, while others, like mutual funds, plan to beat market performance.  The fund manage ...

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Here you can find the returns of funds, ETFs and stocks

UBS (Lux) Equity Fund Greater China (USD) I-X-acc (+0.57%)

1M Return: -1.63%
1Y Return: -9.69%
3Y Return*: 16.49%
5Y Return*: 16.07%

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The latest news from listed companies

Legal & General Group plc

Legal & General Group plc


Legal & General agrees a £250m buy-in transaction with the Selecta UK Pension Plan

Working with pension schemes at all stages of their de-risking journey is fundamental to what we do at Legal & General and we are delighted that we have been chosen as the Selecta UK Pension Plan's buy-in partner, given their long-standing relationship with LGIM. This transaction and the smooth transfer of assets once again demonstrates our ability to offer innovative, bes ...

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Sberbank of Russia

Sberbank of Russia


SberBank simplifies mortgage routine for foreigners

Mortgage borrowers are no longer required to provide certificates proving they know Russian or their educational certificates. Home loans are available to nationals of any state at Sberbank. To take out a mortgage, foreign nationals need to be a payroll client of Sberbank and meet the standard requirements in terms of age and working experience. Foreign nationals also have acc ...

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Publity AG

Publity AG


publity AG successfully sells eight properties for “publity Performance Fonds” and achieves leasing success

22.09.2021 publity AG successfully sells eight properties for "publity Performance Fonds" and achieves leasing success Frankfurt, 22.09.2021 - publity AG ("publity", Scale, ISIN DE0006972508) has successfully sold a total of eight office properties in its function as asset manager for the closed-end public AIFs "publity Performance Fonds Nr. 6", & ...

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