What is a financial forum?

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A financial forum is an “open space” on the Internet in which operators and financial experts, as well as savers and investors, have their say. The most common way of using financial forums is to create posts or articles on topics related to financial products, assets, instruments, markets, advice and news. The primary goal is to provide information, but also to give opinions on the basis of different experiences and specialist knowledge. Authors can be independent consultants or brokers, investment companies or other authorised companies. As mentioned, the main participants in financial forums are also the readers, who don’t only have the opportunity to learn about the topics included in the articles discussed, but can also ask questions, or – where possible – to request further information. In contrast to a newspaper, the forum differs in that it is free to participate and participation is interactive.

The MoneyController Finance Forum is such an example. Posts are usually written by financial advisors or companies that have registered on the site. They have the option to post financial news or posts on topics they deem most appropriate and interesting to an audience of savers. The financial specialists’ contributions, coming from independent financial advisers, investment advisers or fund companies, appear in chronological order. By viewing the posts, you can read the articles for free, but you can also comment or share them via social media. In the side menu – in which you can register for free – you can comment and start a debate, and (even without registering) you can select the articles by topic or by the most popular topics.

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