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Information plays an important role in finance, as it is one of the factors that contribute to reducing risks or improving returns. Nevertheless, this is a complex reality: in order to obtain complete information, it's necessary to collect and cross-check information on market trends and on the valuation of assets and financial instruments, as well as on financial news from different sectors such as product providers and financial experts, and from legislators and regulators (national, UK and EU-wide).

Financial News” is a MoneyController service that keeps its readers informed of the most important financial news in the financial markets. The service includes all of the financial news provided directly by publicly traded companies and their press releases. By registering on the website (which is free for private investors) not only can you read all financial news available, but you can also receive notifications. Users can, in fact, use a tool from the MoneyController platform free of charge, which simulates the creation of virtual portfolios (or model portfolios) based on variables set by users.

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