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The subject of a specific market such as the real estate market is real estate and its purchase and sale, regardless of intended use. The development of the real estate market is closely linked to the interest rate indices on loans, whether or not they favour the construction, rental, sale and purchase of real estate.

New UK law allows commercial businesses to be converted into homes

Posted on 02.04.2021

The UK government has announced that commercial properties can now be converted into homes. The announcement comes amid a shortage of residential properties in the country as well as struggling businesses that have taken the brunt of the pandemic. The move aims to provide relief to businesses and the public by removing existing hurdles in using commercial properties as residential centers. The move will also help more people move into or near the high streets and thus make the town centers and h ...

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Dexters Receives New Investment, Plans Expansion

Posted on 23.02.2021

London’s largest independent estate agency has reported some planned developments in the near future after receiving backing from a new investor. The firm plans to expand by opening more branches and hiring more employees. Leading up to the event, there were some rumors that the company was contemplating a sale. The news of new investment into the business, as well as denial from the company, have laid those rumors to rest. The firm that has agreed to invest in the estate agency is Oakle ...

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UK Home Prices Rise Unexpectedly in January and Early February

Posted on 16.02.2021

Britain experienced an increased demand in its housing market last month, even though there isn’t enough time remaining for buyers to take advantage of the tax benefits announced last year. This demand was reflected in a survey conducted on Monday this week. Rightmove figures Rightmove is one of the UK's top websites for purchasing property. Its data from 10th January to 6th February showed that the average price of the properties being listed on its website rose by 0.5% compared to ...

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What Help is Available for First-time Home Buyers in the UK?

Posted on 04.02.2021

Buying your first home can seem daunting, especially now. But first-time homebuyers will be pleased to learn they still have several money-saving options available following the UK’s recently extended Help to Buy scheme.  Help to Buy ISA This is a tax-free savings account and it’s quite convenient. The government will add another £50, up to £3,000, to your account for every £200 you save. This cash will then be given to the solicitor when ...

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England's Housing Market Cools

Posted on 04.02.2021

England’s housing market was on fire in 2020, rising to six-year highs by the end of the year, but this trend is expected to cool rapidly in the coming months with popular tax breaks ending and unemployment, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, rising.  Mixed estimates Various lenders and the Treasury’s Office for Budget Responsibility hold bearish outlooks, expecting housing prices to fall between 2-8% in 2021; whereas some forecasters hold more bullish outlooks, suggesting t ...

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