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UK housing prices in April: the largest monthly rise in 17 years

Posted on 05.05.2021

Housing prices are showing no signs of cooling down. On Friday, new data showed that since February 2004, the most considerable increase in average UK house prices occurred in April 2021.  Home price growth per year rebounded to 7.1% in April compared to 5.7% in March. The median price was at £238,831 in April, 2.1% higher from March, as reported by Joanna Bourke for the Evening Standard. Over the past year, prices are now up £15,916. Nationwide’s data covers the month f ...

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UK Regulators Scrutinize Buy Now, Pay Later Firms

Posted on 09.02.2021

Firms like Klarna offer shoppers the ability to pay for items in installments or even defer payments for up to 30 days. Major country-wide retailers now offer these services, hoping to attract more younger customers. And it’s working. Buy Now, Pay Later services saw a fourfold increase over the past year. However, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has decided to regulate these as they could lead to the accumulation of massive consumer debts.  Concerns over looming debt growth Th ...

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Increasing fuel costs push UK inflation to 0.7% in March

Posted on 21.04.2021

The UK inflation rate increased to 0.7% in the 12 months to March, up from 0.4% in February, driven up by the boosted cost of fuel, transport and clothes. Economists' projections were slightly higher than the figure from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), with lower food prices compensating other price increases. Fuel prices in March demonstrated their greatest annual rise since January 2020, the ONS said. Inflation is estimated to rise further due to elevated energy and oil prices ...

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Pandemic Reveals Weakened but Resilient UK Economy

Posted on 04.02.2021

Britain’s economy has taken a beating since the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the first lockdown in late March 2020, the world’s sixth-largest economy contracted more than its peers and is now 8.5% smaller than it was before the onset of the pandemic, according to Reuters UK. Following Britain’s second lockdown, announced in October 2020, the economy continued to decline intoNovember of last year, but ...

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Who’s leading the financial industry’s ESG race?

Posted on 02.04.2021

Governments around the world are pledging their contributions to achieving net-zero carbon emissions. But they can’t achieve those targets without their largest institutions. The financial sector therefore has a significant role to play as it finances the businesses that will eventually lead the move away from fossil fuels. According to Alva’s ESG intelligence index, Citigroup is ahead in terms of its policy impact. It scores 59 on the index, making it the top bank after St ...

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The Coinbase IPO could be your second chance at investing in crypto

Posted on 15.04.2021

Are you one of the many who decided to take the superior path and opt out of buying Bitcoin when normal people could actually afford it? It seems you could have another chance. Coinbase finally went public with its much anticipated listing on Nasdaq on Wednesday. It trades under the symbol COIN and closed its first-day trading just above the 328 dollar mark. The valuation makes the company the largest ever to opt for a direct listing on the stock exchange.  What is Coinbase? Coinbase is t ...

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The British government has launched a much needed “breathing space” scheme

Posted on 06.05.2021

The “breathing space” scheme was launched on the 4th of May. The goal of this plan is to assist Brits who are facing difficulty with debts.  This financial support program will protect borrowers against debt collectors, prosecution, and bailiffs for the next two months.  To avail scheme, the debtor’s consent to work with debt experts to sort out a long-term plan to get them out of debt, as reported by Levi Winchester for Mirror. A person with debts must also keep up ...

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House sales and prices see early spring rise

Posted on 22.04.2021

House sales and property prices recorded an early spring surge accompanied by government moves to stimulate the housing market. UK property transactions in March hit the highest monthly level since modern records began in 2005 according to data collected from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The housing marketplace has remained immune to the Covid disaster as people revaluate where they would like to live. Formal data also shows average UK house prices climbed 8.6% in a year. In March the ...

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Bank of England to contemplate digital money plan

Posted on 21.04.2021

The Treasury together with the Bank of England have declared they are setting up a unit to explore the opportunity of a central bank digital currency. The purpose is to examine the dangers and opportunities involved in creating a new type of digital money. Distributed by the Bank for use by households and businesses, it would be alongside cash and bank deposits, rather than substituting them. No verdict has been taken on whether to have such a currency in the UK. Nevertheless, the government ...

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What New Post-Brexit Trading Rules Mean for UK Businesses

Posted on 05.02.2021

The Brexit transition period is over and with that, new regulations are in place regarding how you do business with Europe.  Here we outline the key points you need to know and how they could affect your business. Trading with the EU Customs declarations are mandatory when exporting goods to the rest of Europe. You can fill out declarations yourself, or you may use an intermediary. If you export, you must check that the EU business is ready to receive your goods. New border controls ...

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