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The financial sector is a sector closely related to society, politics, and human psychology. Therefore, for the purposes of a complete analysis, it’s sometimes necessary to integrate strictly technical considerations with what are called lateral considerations. A comprehensive information framework is used to improve analytical skills and help everyone involved in making the best decisions.

3 tips to consider when selling your business

Posted on 21.06.2021

Maybe selling the business was the last thing on your mind when you created it. But now, years later, the situation is different. Perhaps Covid-19 challenges have made it difficult to stay afloat. Or maybe that first spark of motivation has subsided. Death and incapacity can be other factors. But no matter the reason, planning and execution will help you get the best price. Here are a few tips to help you get started.  Put a plan in place Let’s start with the planning phase. There ...

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The British government has launched a much needed “breathing space” scheme

Posted on 06.05.2021

The “breathing space” scheme was launched on the 4th of May. The goal of this plan is to assist Brits who are facing difficulty with debts.  This financial support program will protect borrowers against debt collectors, prosecution, and bailiffs for the next two months.  To avail scheme, the debtor’s consent to work with debt experts to sort out a long-term plan to get them out of debt, as reported by Levi Winchester for Mirror. A person with debts must also keep up ...

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FCA Consults on Strengthening Consumer Protection in SPACs

Posted on 03.05.2021

To strengthen consumer protection, the FCA is initiating a consultation and it will use special purpose acquisition companies or SPACs for this purpose. Strong regulations are also expected following Lord Hill’s recommendation of easiness, as the UK is eying to maintain its competitiveness post-Brexit. These remarks included making it more convenient for SPACs to be used by companies to access capital when listing, as reported by Jon Yarker for Money Marketing. Currently, the listin ...

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Top UK finance and tax changes coming this April

Posted on 24.03.2021

The new UK tax year is underway, and as always, has brought with it new laws and regulations. Minimum wage and state pensions are about to receive a boost as are tax allowances and thresholds, child benefits, and maternity pay. On the other hand, the public will need to grapple with increased council tax, TV license fees, and car taxes among other things. Here are the top 5 changes that will have the biggest impact on the public’s finances. Minimum wage The national living wage is ...

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A One-off Wealth Tax to Counter COVID-19 Effects?

Posted on 16.02.2021

Finance minister Rishi Sunak is considering a one-off wealth tax on the rich in order to improve the nation’s finances, which are struggling due to COVID-19 and the resulting disruptions to life and businesses. Switzerland and France have already taken this route and introduced taxes on the very rich of their countries. However, both countries later withdrew and stopped the program altogether, owing to difficulties in implementation.  The proposal has been put forward by the Commons ...

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Budget 2021: Working Families Could Miss Out on Tax Cut

Posted on 16.02.2021

Britain’s working class might have to miss out on a possible tax cut starting April this year. Finance minister Rishi Sunak is contemplating removing the expected rises in Income Tax allowance in order to lessen the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of today, the personal tax allowance stands at £12,500. This was set to rise to £12,562 in April, but now the Chancellor is considering axing that increase. A savings move like this is considered a ‘stealth’ ...

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UK Council Tax to Rise 5%

Posted on 10.02.2021

As the public awaits relief from the pandemic, the government has dropped another tax bomb on. 53% of UK councils have proposed an increase of 5% in council tax starting from April. This increase could potentially cripple households already struggling across the country.  An increase of 5% currently stands at seven times the rate of inflation. The fact that the councils needed to raise the tax so drastically gives some perspective on how bad the economic situation of the soc ...

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Amazon CEO Steps Down

Posted on 09.02.2021

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon announced yesterday that he will step down from his long-held role later this year. Andy Jassy, top cloud executive will take over the position after Bezos transitions to Amazon’s Board as executive chairman.  Bezos created Amazon, originally conceived as an online bookstore, in 1994. Now, it’s the world’s largest and most powerful online retailer. With Bezos on the lead, Amazon surpassed a $1 trillion market cap and it is currently worth more th ...

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Britain Announces Intention to Apply to Join Trans-Pacific Trading Bloc

Posted on 08.02.2021

Next week the UK plans to officially apply to join a trans-Pacific trading bloc. The bloc is set to comprise 11 member states and negotiations are planned to begin this year, the Government said last Saturday.  Since Brexit, the UK has stated its intention to be part of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). This would eliminate tariffs on countries like Australia, Canada, Japan, Peru, Mexico, New Zealand and others. Bori ...

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