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Mega-trends are developing structural phenomena that will shape the world in the future. They’re mechanisms set in motion by powerful forces such as demographics, climate, new energy sources and healthcare. Mega-trends clearly define what the major socio-economic sectors of the future will be (and which ones will attract the greatest investment). Currently, the most notable mega-trends are smart cities, healthcare, big data and cloud technology, robotics, industrial automation and “green” industry.

Cloud computing: Beyond the fog of macro there is a fundamental foundation

Posted on 04.07.2022

2022, so far, has been a year of the value style of investing outperforming the growth style, and few megatrends in recent years have been more growth oriented than cloud computing. Big stories and sales growth went from being in favour during 2020 and 2021 to being completely out of favour in an environment of higher inflation and interest rates.

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Investing in demographic change

Posted on 23.05.2022

The spread of increasingly efficient production models and technologies is causing the world population to grow and change its composition. On demographic change and which sectors to focus on, particularly from an investment perspective, Sven Stoll wrote in his column in 'Das Investment' magazine. Growth and demographic ageing: two inevitable megatrends First of all, Stoll reports UN data on the growth of the world population: from the current 7.8 billion people it will rise to 9.7 bil ...

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Three trends reinforced by the current war

Posted on 05.05.2022

In the space of just over two years, two world events have occurred: the pandemic and the Russian war in Ukraine. How will the coronavirus epidemic and, above all, the current war affect the future? Is it possible to identify long-term trends, i.e. megatrends, accentuated by these momentous events? Michaël Nizard, Head of Multi-Asset & Overlay and Delphine Arnaud, Fund Manager Multi-Asset & Overlay at Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management have listed three megatrends in this respect ...

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Why has the Ukraine war put a spotlight on cybersecurity and the energy transition?

Posted on 14.04.2022

The war in Ukraine has catalysed two important megatrends – the growing need for cybersecurity, and the transition towards green energy. Why cybersecurity? Why now? The guidance from the United States Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) for organisations, since the conflict started, is ‘shields up’ (see figure below). CISA believes that every organisation, large and small, needs to be prepared for disruptive cyber incidents. Now, more than ever before.&nbs ...

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Technology stocks, volatile but promising

Posted on 31.03.2022

How do you fight uncertainty in the markets? According to Jeremy Gleeson, Manager Digital Economy at AXA Investment Managers (whose opinion has also been reported by "" magazine), although more volatile than others, technology stocks are a key growth asset for a portfolio. Steady growth in technology-related spending and investments In 2021, IT spending grew by 6.9% worldwide and is expected to grow by a further 6% in 2022. However, the development of technology stocks w ...

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Cybersecurity, a megatrend not to be underestimated

Posted on 17.03.2022

Many parts of our societies have become rapidly digitised, and this phenomenon is continuing. We are facing an epochal and long-lasting process, which will in turn generate other megatrends. One of these megatrends is cybersecurity, which is becoming increasingly indispensable. The risks associated with cyberattacks are the order of the day The horror of the war in Ukraine is perhaps overshadowing the fact that wars can sometimes be fought via the Internet alone. After all, the risk of Russia ...

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How do you Price Innovation?

Posted on 18.02.2022

Equity investment strategies that focused on specific ‘themes’ or ‘megatrends’ have been largely out of favour in the early weeks of 2022. The commonly held belief at the macroeconomic level is that relatively high inflation readings seen in many markets is leading central banks to shift course and considering varying ways to take liquidity out of the global system.

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7 megatrends for 2022

Posted on 17.02.2022

Analysts at Pictet Asset Management have identified seven megatrends that will shape society, the economy, the environment, healthcare, energy (and more). It is worth summarising them quickly. Food security. Population growth and climate change are the two factors that will most influence the sector. Land and fresh water are finite resources, and bottlenecks in supply chains threaten the distribution of food in many regions of the world. Food production will have to be increasingly local and ...

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16.08.2022 posted by WisdomTree

Navigating the shortening odds of a recession: Bear markets don't last as long as Bull markets

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