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Mega-trends are developing structural phenomena that will shape the world in the future. They’re mechanisms set in motion by powerful forces such as demographics, climate, new energy sources and healthcare. Mega-trends clearly define what the major socio-economic sectors of the future will be (and which ones will attract the greatest investment). Currently, the most notable mega-trends are smart cities, healthcare, big data and cloud technology, robotics, industrial automation and “green” industry.

How to invest in the Metaverse

Posted on 17.11.2021

Puerto Rican billionaire Orlando Bravo sees the so-called metaverse as a big investment. The Thoma Bravo co-founder and managing partner explained that metaverse could be 2021’s big word.  The metaverse is a sci-fi concept that allows individuals to work, play, and live in a virtual world, like in the Ready Player One movie and novel. Individuals would wear a headset or smart glasses to enter the metaverse.  The term came into the spotlight last month when Mark Zuckerberg, ...

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How have Elon Musk followers reacted to the share sale poll?

Posted on 11.11.2021

Elon Musk’s latest tweet led to a sell-off on Tesla Inc. shares as most followers voted for selling his 10% stake in the electric-car maker. More than 50% of Musk’s 3.5 million Twitter followers said they’d support the sale as part of a weekend poll. Based on his 170.5 million Tesla shareholding, Musk would cash in $21 billion.  Musk tweeted that he’s prepared to accept whichever outcome. Tesla shares slid 4.7% or $57.55 by 9:34 am Monday, after dipping as much as 7 ...

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How does Facebook’s shift to the metaverse affect its business?

Posted on 05.11.2021

User privacy has stressed Facebook’s traditional advertising business. Apple, for one, introduced its App Tracking Transparency policy, requiring users’ permission before gathering data to send personalised ads. That has resulted in headwinds to Facebook’s ad business as many people are opting out.  In the company’s results for three months ended September 2021, Facebook announced $29 billion in revenues, of which $28.5 billion came from advertising. In its Q3 repor ...

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Investors expect tougher commitments, global collaboration from COP26

Posted on 02.11.2021

The COP26 has been dubbed people’s last chance to save the planet, marking a monumental moment to mitigate climate change and reduce carbon emissions. As an investor, you’d watch closely how the decisions made would affect your portfolio as seismic changes affect corporate operations.  At the Paris Conference of Parties (COP) in 2015, the parties agreed to limit temperatures below two degrees over the long term. Sustainability specialists and fund managers from Schroders commen ...

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4 key aspects leading to worldwide structural change that investors should monitor

Posted on 22.10.2021

Investors should pay attention to the world’s economic structural changes. That’s what Gareth Lewis, the managing director of investment management at Tilney Smith & Williamson, warned. He mentioned that the short-term deflationary data is potentially transitory. These short-term drivers might not offer structural concerns.  Instead, Lewis mentioned that if you’re making long-term investment plans, you should consider the structural changes happening worldwide. He exp ...

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Will London remain the region’s financial hub?

Posted on 17.09.2021

Brexit and the pandemic have threatened the UK’s stance as the region’s financial hub. Eyes turn now to the temporary waiver on clearinghouses that ends in June 2022. Governor Andrew Bailey warned that any disruption to clearing would threaten the financial industry. He added that since the process works between the UK and US and the EU and US, why would it be different between the UK and EU.  According to Howard Davies, NatWest Group Chairman, the city risks losing some operat ...

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Remember LCF’s mini-bonds? MPs urge the government to include fraud in Online Safety Bill

Posted on 14.09.2021

Investment fraud could go on for years undetected and wreak havoc for many. That’s what happened two years ago with London Capital & Finance (LCF). The firm had advertised its mini-bonds attracting 11,600 investors. The firm collapsed, causing more than £200 million in losses. LCF had paid £20 million for Google to display its online advertisement, which attracted many investors to this ill-fated scheme.  Now, MPs are warning against similar scandals unless the Online ...

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What investors and advisers should take away from the latest UN climate report

Posted on 07.09.2021

It’s getting warmer and sunnier in the UK than in the last century, a Met Office report warned in July. Though that might sound like good news, it indicates a critical issue our planet faces: climate change. It’s been causing devastating wildfires and floods worldwide to the extent that climate has been constantly on the agenda in recent years. The pandemic also ramped up action against climate change.  Findings from the Evening Standard’s recent survey show that almost 7 ...

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Top 5 themes if you want to invest in megatrends

Posted on 16.06.2021

Global change is happening and that’s going to affect your investment decisions. Megatrends, often called ‘thematic investing’, are among the hot topics in investing. Megatrends are global changes not bounded by geography, politics, or culture and result in global shifts. Ageing populations, climate change, or even environmental and social worries are some examples of megatrends underway.  Megatrends shape the future and so directly influence investor returns. Although it ...

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