Finance forum: Mega-trends

Mega-trends are developing structural phenomena that will shape the world in the future. They’re mechanisms set in motion by powerful forces such as demographics, climate, new energy sources and healthcare. Mega-trends clearly define what the major socio-economic sectors of the future will be (and which ones will attract the greatest investment). Currently, the most notable mega-trends are smart cities, healthcare, big data and cloud technology, robotics, industrial automation and “green” industry.

Will London remain the region’s financial hub?

Posted on 17.09.2021

Brexit and the pandemic have threatened the UK’s stance as the region’s financial hub. Eyes turn now to the temporary waiver on clearinghouses that ends in June 2022. Governor Andrew Bailey warned that any disruption to clearing would threaten the financial industry. He added that since the process works between the UK and US and the EU and US, why would it be different between the UK and EU.  According to Howard Davies, NatWest Group Chairman, the city risks losing some operat ...

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Remember LCF’s mini-bonds? MPs urge the government to include fraud in Online Safety Bill

Posted on 14.09.2021

Investment fraud could go on for years undetected and wreak havoc for many. That’s what happened two years ago with London Capital & Finance (LCF). The firm had advertised its mini-bonds attracting 11,600 investors. The firm collapsed, causing more than £200 million in losses. LCF had paid £20 million for Google to display its online advertisement, which attracted many investors to this ill-fated scheme.  Now, MPs are warning against similar scandals unless the Online ...

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What investors and advisers should take away from the latest UN climate report

Posted on 07.09.2021

It’s getting warmer and sunnier in the UK than in the last century, a Met Office report warned in July. Though that might sound like good news, it indicates a critical issue our planet faces: climate change. It’s been causing devastating wildfires and floods worldwide to the extent that climate has been constantly on the agenda in recent years. The pandemic also ramped up action against climate change.  Findings from the Evening Standard’s recent survey show that almost 7 ...

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Top 5 themes if you want to invest in megatrends

Posted on 16.06.2021

Global change is happening and that’s going to affect your investment decisions. Megatrends, often called ‘thematic investing’, are among the hot topics in investing. Megatrends are global changes not bounded by geography, politics, or culture and result in global shifts. Ageing populations, climate change, or even environmental and social worries are some examples of megatrends underway.  Megatrends shape the future and so directly influence investor returns. Although it ...

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What’s impacting investor decision-making this week?

Posted on 15.06.2021

There’s a lot going on and it's certainly impacting investor’s decisions. One major event was the G7 summit.  The first is a potential four-week delay to the full reopening in the UK. Another is the political ousting of Benjamin Netanyahu as Israeli prime minister to be succeeded by Yair Lapid in 2023.  The so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has investors trying to capture its benefits in their portfolios. Following discussions ...

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A one of a kind opportunity to invest in solar energy

Posted on 24.05.2021

Ahead of its listing on the LSE in June, Liam Roche discussed the attractiveness of investing in the Solar Energy UCITS ETF (LON:TANN) in his article for UK Investor Magazine. The ETF will be offered for investors across Europe to benefit from at a total expense ratio of 0.69%. It will track the EQM Global Solar Energy Index (SOLARNTR), which in turn tracks companies whose main source of revenue is from solar energy-related business practices. Back-testing the index’s performance over the ...

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Why utilities could triple by 2050

Posted on 24.03.2021

Utilities, the boring properties that nobody wanted to own in Monopoly, may well be one of the hottest investments in the coming years. Distribution grids are at the center of the electrification of transport and heating systems, making them a sought-after asset today. In what was the largest utility deal in the last decade, National Grid Plc acquired PPL WPD investments last week in a deal worth 7.8 billion pounds. If the interest shown by multiple investors is anything to go by, utilities ...

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First G7 Meeting Ahead in Post-Trump Global Economy: What’s On The Table?

Posted on 12.02.2021

Britain is set to host the G7 meeting this week, the first since US President Joe Biden took office last month. participating nations hope to see a renewed approach to global matters following Trump’s nationalistic approach over the last 4 years. The G7 is a meeting of representatives of the United States, Britain, Italy, France, Japan, Germany, and Canada. This week, the heads of their respective central banks, as well as the head of the European Central Bank, will be present. What ...

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A Rebound in the European Telecom Sector? Market Talk 2021

Posted on 04.02.2021

The European telecom sector has seen its ups and down over the past five years largely due to price wars and expensive network developments. The Stoxx 600 telecom index lost 15% of its value in 2020 against a 4.3% decline for the broader benchmark. Jeffries reported that European telecom shares lagged significantly behind last year's market and were the fifth worst-performing sector. That said, things may be looking up for EU telecom in 2021 and beyond. Rays of hope Despite years ...

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