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Investments are productive means to use resources. In the financial world, investing is a productive way of managing savings. The investor therefore temporarily removes some of their resources to generate a profit. Therefore, those who receive the capital to manage are specialised and professionally qualified to make these savings productive by investing in financial activities as instructed.

Dividend stocks and ETFs for income investors

Posted on 12.04.2021

After weathering the storm caused by the pandemic last year, US companies were back to their dividend distributing best to top off the first quarter of the new year. A total of 906 companies either initiated a dividend payout or raised it, up 24% from the last year. The number of companies that either cut or suspended their dividends also halved to a measly 64, as published by’s Todd Rosenbuth last week. There was only one company in the S&P 500 that suspended ...

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How equity investors can play rising yields

Posted on 31.03.2021

It's no secret that the financial markets are complex systems. Many times, they contradict themselves. For example, following conventional finance wisdom, equities should rise with rising levels of inflation. This is because as economies grow, corporate earnings expand. However, when inflation gets out of hand, yields rise rapidly, which rattles the equity markets. Higher yields mean higher discount rates for future cash flows to equity investors. It’s no surprise that equity investors ...

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What is value investing and is now the time to start?

Posted on 18.03.2021

Value investing and its many forms are extracted from Benjamin Graham’s investing philosophy, a philosophy that is taught to investing students to this day, a century after the great investor used to practice it himself. While the investing paradigm has remained relevant to this day and stood the test of time, some have started questioning its success in today’s market. What is value investing? Simply put, value investing involves buying underpriced, undervalued securities. Differe ...

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Is EIS investing for you?

Posted on 16.03.2021

An EIS, or Enterprise Investment Scheme, is a scheme that makes it easier for small businesses to raise capital. Investors taking part in the scheme get tax relief and for the potential to generate higher returns, but there are also risks associated with this type of investing.  For a company to be eligible for an EIS, certain criteria must be met. This includes being in the early stages of development as well as being AIM-listed among other criteria. To be able to decide whether EIS inves ...

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Brokers Demand Retail Investors be Given Access to Stock Market Flotations

Posted on 01.03.2021

There might soon be some good news for retail investors in the UK when it comes to stock market flotations. The chief executives of AJ Bell, Interactive Investor, and Hargreaves Lansdown wrote to the City Minister John Glen and the Treasury last week, asking for a consultation on the subject. They are of the opinion that the public should be given better access to stock market flotations. Current situation As it stands, only institutions are allowed to buy shares before they are available for ...

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IAG to Boost Liquidity by 2.45 Billion Pounds

Posted on 23.02.2021

IAG announced earlier this week that it had taken measures to combat the decline in travel activities. The owner of British Airways mentioned a loan agreement and deferred pension contributions as their two major steps towards increasing liquidity. The firm’s total liquidity now gets a much-needed boost of 2.45 billion pounds. IAG has been pursuing financing and debt opportunities since the industry was crippled by the effects of the pandemic. The company will report its quarterly ea ...

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The Rise of Cannabis Shares

Posted on 18.02.2021

Medical cannabis shares enjoyed a week of spectacular gains as so-called pot stocks have suddenly come back into fashion. It seems investors have turned their focus to this sector after some recent developments both in the UK and the US.  This Tuesday, London IPO’d its first-ever medical cannabis company, MGC Pharma. On its debut, the company’s stock more than tripled. The price shot up to 4.25p from an open price of 1.475p. It successfully raised 6.5 million pounds with a mark ...

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Russia’s Largest Discounter Announces London IPO

Posted on 17.02.2021

Fix Price, the largest discount retailer in Russia is about to come to the city of London via IPO. The company has announced its listing in both London and Moscow. If the London IPO is successful, it will bring a multi billion-pound business into the city. History Fix Price was established in 2007 by Artem Khachatryan and Sergei Lomakin. In the year 2020, the American investment bank Goldman Sachs established a stake in the company. The store currently has over 4200 stores in Russia as well a ...

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Small Cap Investing: Risk v. Reward

Posted on 11.02.2021

Small cap stocks (market cap: $0.25 - $2 billion) generally carry a bad reputation. Their negative news usually receives more attention from the media, resulting in the perception that they are too risky. They are also considered to be lacking in quality management and hence prone to fraud. But the above concerns hold true for any company, irrespective of its size. Enron is an example. Its investors lost nearly $74 billion while its employees lost their pension benefits. The comp ...

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