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The “green economy” is an overarching economic sector with pronounced sustainability in terms of environmental protection. All companies that don’t forego productivity but manage to reduce their environmental impact, for example regarding the consumption of natural resources and the reduction of CO2 production, can be labelled “green”. Green bonds are bonds issued by companies geared towards or committed to sustainable business practices and environmental protection.

How the UK will assist the oil and gas industry in the race to net-zero

Posted on 25.03.2021

The British government has said it won’t rule out a complete ban on exploration licenses in the North Sea. The announcement comes after environmental activists criticized the government on its transition plans. However, the government has made it clear that it will support the oil and gas sector during the transition to cleaner energy and no component of the current industrial framework will be left behind. The transition isn’t just about switching from fossil fuels to renewables. Th ...

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National Grid sets ambitions on greener energy future

Posted on 22.03.2021

In the biggest utility transaction in a decade in Britain, National Grid Plc has acquired the electricity distribution business of PPL Corp for 7.8 billion pounds in an effort to move towards a low-carbon future. The deal will be funded via bridge financing in about four months’ time. Strong growth potential As countries try to transition from fossil fuels to greener energy sources, electricity grids have taken on more importance. With people now being able to generate electricity at hom ...

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UK green debt market will struggle to catch up to Europe

Posted on 09.03.2021

The UK has been left behind in the race for the top place in environmental finance. Its European peers, most notably Germany and France are far ahead, with the UK only this month announcing it intends to ‘start their race’ this summer. The country is set to issue its first green asset this year. France has already cemented its place as the top issuer of green products while Italy debuted this month. Spain is also expected to issue its first green asset before the UK. In November thi ...

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Sunak Introduces World’s First Green Savings Bond

Posted on 05.03.2021

British finance minister Rishi Sunak unveiled a ‘green savings bond’ in his budget speech on Wednesday. The new environment-friendly bond is the first of its kind and is aimed at retail investors wanting to do their part in protecting the environment. The chancellor said the new bond will add to the government’s efforts toward net-zero emissions in the UK. The main purpose of these bonds is to help raise funds for future projects in clean transport and renewable energy. The Un ...

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£5,000 Green Homes Grant Budget Slashed by £1.5bn

Posted on 12.02.2021

The UK government is set to withdraw millions of pounds from its Green Homes Program, just 6 months after launch, disappointing many homeowners and installation businesses. The decision has left a huge question mark on the government’s commitment to green energy. 95% of the budget for this program was already unspent due to poor administration on the government’s part. As of January 22, 2021, only £71 million out of the announced £1.5bn had been spent. Now, the governmen ...

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Will the Bank of England Stop Buying Bonds from Businesses that Boost Global Warming?

Posted on 05.02.2021

On Monday some members of the British parliament stated that the Bank of England would be wise to consider adopting a policy to discontinue its bond buying program from businesses that contribute to global warming. Let’s take a closer look into this matter. The official position In an effort to support the economy during the pandemic, The Bank of England doubled its holding of corporate bonds to 20 billion pounds. Nevertheless, The Audit Committee of The House of Commons is not satisfied ...

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Electric Vehicles Pose Long-Term Threat to Oil Prices

Posted on 04.02.2021

With widespread travel restrictions and lockdowns grinding economies to a halt amid the pandemic, global oil demand has taken a hit, but is this the only problem looming for the oil industry? Likely not. The emergence of new values supporting green energy threaten to completely upend global oil demand. The biggest threat? Electric vehicles (EVs). Growing trends towards battery and solar power Specialists have stated that the oil industry is just as sensitive as other industries to business cyc ...

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