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The financial sector is a complex industry in which investors’ savings and assets are processed, launched, sold and bought like products. Production and management chains are run with the same strategy and management logic as in the real industry.

Post-pandemic financial readiness

Posted on 07.05.2021

Recent observations of the conditioning of mindsets in lockdown suggest that some people find it difficult to prepare outside their four walls. Examining previous spending has also been a daunting template. For several, the previous year saw unusually low amounts of spending.  Estimates from experts raise the question of whether expenditures will return to pre-pandemic levels, on the same or new products. Perhaps some people have been preoccupied with saving because they want to feel ...

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Diversification challenges in the post-pandemic world

Posted on 14.04.2021

It is human nature to want to win big. But we’re all afraid of losing money. Higher rewards are almost always associated with higher risk. And minimizing that risk is where the game is won. One of the best ways to achieve a balance between risk and reward is diversification. Michael Walsh, a solutions strategist at T. Rowe Price, analyzed ‘diversification in an uncertain economic environment’ in his article for MoneyMarketing last month. He believes traditional approaches ...

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Guidelines for constructing a prudent multi-asset investment approach

Posted on 15.03.2021

A multi-asset approach to investing involves combining different types of investments such as bonds, stocks, cash, crypto, real estate, and many more. The purpose of such an approach is to diversify the portfolio to achieve objectives like risk-minimization, income, or growth. Let’s look at some best practices for building a balanced investment portfolio. Track record of the asset manager Researching the asset manager should be part of the due diligence process. How d ...

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Wealth Management Will Become Increasingly about Well-being Management

Posted on 05.03.2021

Wealth management isn’t just a game of numbers and financial reports. It goes beyond the conversations about return on investment and investing strategies. Many advisory firms have adapted to modern wealth management by equating it to well-being management. It isn’t all about money. It's about future plans, future desires, and eliminating fears and insecurities that creep into human psychology as a result of poor financial management. Why do people need financial advisors? Peop ...

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Focus on Alfa – Portfolio Strategy 2021

Posted on 04.02.2021

Alpha is considered the active return on an investment. It measures an investment’s performance against a market index or benchmark that is considered to represent the market's overall movement. Factor-driven alpha investment strategies are designed to manage portfolio risks while also delivering market-bearing returns. This task is generally left to financial managers, but in today’s turbulent markets, investors wo ...

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