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There isn’t just one financial market. There are many and they can be differentiated by product emission level (primary, secondary market, etc.), by product type (capital market, stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, etc.) and also by geographical distribution (EU stocks, US bonds, emerging countries, etc.). In the financial market buying and selling huge amounts of available financial products is permitted to provide capital amounts and thus generate income. The financial market, as a resource and savings optimiser, is therefore an essential part of the economy in any advanced country.

Emerging markets - Is it finally their turn?

Posted on 09.04.2021

Asian markets have always been touted as carrying great ‘potential’ but have lagged behind the leading markets in the developed world for some time now. That trend might soon be changing though, with favourable demographics, increased spending, and improved lifestyles allowing for booming economic activity in the region. Investors have never denied the potential of the region. But many have questioned how long they will have to wait to finally receive the returns they expect from th ...

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What Archegos Capital’s default means for the market

Posted on 31.03.2021

On Monday, the 29th, US hedge fund Archegos Capital announced it had defaulted on margin calls. The default caused a lot of major banks to prepare for possibly billions of dollars in losses. These include Nomura & Credit Suisse. What caused it? Archegos had been placing highly leveraged bets by using their capital to buy up shares while also borrowing to purchase more on top. If the shares appreciate, they stand to make a lot more money from their original capital. On the fl ...

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Can audit reform boost investor confidence?

Posted on 26.03.2021

Businesses in the UK are fighting on multiple fronts this decade. Pandemic restrictions, confusion and uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and climate change challenges have complicated business and spooked investors. Given that, many feel now is not the right time to overhaul the system that governs and audits UK business activity. The Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), however, has another opinion. BEIS reasons that it is exactly these challenges that justify immediate intervention ...

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Is tax reform on the UK horizon?

Posted on 25.03.2021

In the buildup to the budget announcement earlier this month, high deficits and debt had been the key talking points among analysts. They knew the government would eventually have to begin repair work. Chancellor Rishi Sunak, however, assured the public that the economy will take priority and individuals and businesses would be protected from any negative effects of budget work. The Chancellor extended certain programs like the Job Retention Scheme, the stamp duty holiday, and mortgage guarantee ...

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How are traders playing the post-Brexit power market?

Posted on 17.03.2021

It hasn’t been long since the UK’s departure from the European Union and traders across the globe have already found a way to make money from the domestic electricity market. Following Brexit, the UK’s short-term electricity price rates have been set across two exchanges at different times, giving traders the opportunity to exploit the price difference between the two. Though the price should theoretically be identical, it’s not. The difference can be as large as 500 pou ...

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The UK gears up for comprehensive financial markets audit

Posted on 15.03.2021

The UK is about to undergo a massive financial market shake-up with a review planned to bring the city of London back to its dominant position. The review aims to reduce the burden on market participants without compromising market  standards, reputation, and integrity. What will the review look at? The review is supposed to consider all aspects of the financial markets, including but not limited to transparency rules, market structure, and commodities. John Glen, Economic Secretary ...

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How the UK is making it easier for tech companies to list

Posted on 12.03.2021

Tech firms in London have been having a hard time. The UK’s digital minister has raised concerns about Facebook’s intentions to expand its end-to-end encryption tools across all user platforms. This is just the latest development in an ongoing battle against the tech giant’s messaging platforms. What is the UK doing to make it easier for other tech firms to list in the new startup economy? What’s the main concern here? Oliver Dowden, Secretary o ...

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What caused Greensill Capital to file for UK insolvency?

Posted on 10.03.2021

Supply-chain finance company Greensill Capital has filed for insolvency in the UK after key creditors raised concerns over its asset valuations. A court hearing in London was held to assess the submission.  How it started Greensill began its rapid descent when Credit Suisse started pulling back $10bn worth of funds that purchased products from Greensill. This decision had a domino effect that led regulators in Germany to shut down Greensill’s local bank. The centre o ...

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The UK’s robust economic outlook gives share ratings a boost

Posted on 09.03.2021

The UK economy seems to be on course for an impressive rebound. With that, several key companies have received optimistic analyst ratings. BT Group BT Group received an ‘outperform’ rating from Credit Suisse again as the firm labeled it an ‘inflection story’. The stock is arguably set to benefit from a number of upcoming developments, most notably bond yields and rising inflation. The group is set to widen its ‘fibre-to-the-premises’ network to 16 million ho ...

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