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The financial advisor is a financial professional who works in specific areas and within a precise regulatory framework. As a company or bank employee, he or she can be self-employed, integrated in a network or independent. Based on a specific mandate, they manage their clients’ investments or savings. They strategically manage client assets based on set goals.

Financial advisors and their work on clients' emotionality

Posted on 30.03.2022

In these uncertain times, the job of the financial advisor can become even more complicated. Not only do the markets become considerably more volatile, but those investors who are also clients of financial advice are under such emotional stress that they make rash decisions. Fear grows among investors, but so does anxiety about inflation In the magazine "FocusRisparmio", an article appeared in which Alessio Trappolini describes the situation just mentioned. The fact that uncertainty ...

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The advisor should focus on the client's financial wellness

Posted on 28.03.2022

What is at the heart of a financial advisor's work today? What are some of the conditions necessary for the relationship between an advisor and his client to work? The consultant as an agent of financial wellness Over the next few days, the tenth edition of the "PF Expo" event, organised by the training company ProfessioneFinanza, will be held at the MUDEC Auditorium in Milan. During the event, a central theme in the field of finance will be addressed, namely the relationship bet ...

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Financial advisors and financial consultancies should improve their image

Posted on 30.12.2021

In addition to being proven specialists, financial advisors and financial consultancies are increasingly required to pay attention to their professional image. Financial advisor Jörg Kintzel of Valuniq AG writes about this in "Cash" magazine. Financial advice and the urgent need to improve its image For some years now, an aura of suspicion has hovered over the world of finance. This has meant that financial advisors not only have to prove that they are professionals in their fie ...

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Liontrust’s profit before tax rises 352% as AUMAs rise 73% year-on-year

Posted on 03.12.2021

Liontrust’s profit before tax jumped to £31.1 million, from £6.9 million during the same period last year, representing a 352% gain. The figure includes acquisition and associated restructuring costs worth £12.1 million. It also includes intangible asset amortisation and other non-recurring and non-cash costs.  The fund manager’s adjusted profit before tax for the latest half-year totalled £43.1 million, indicating a 93% rise compared to the £22.3 ...

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Sanctions becoming a serious hurdle for fund managers

Posted on 02.12.2021

Sky-high equity valuations and ultra-low yields might’ve left you scurrying for return somewhere else. Investors’ appetites are leading fund managers to look to riskier and more exotic market segments. ESG has also become an important factor investors look for and affect your decision-making. That said, many compliance issues lurk around the corner, including sanctions.  The issue first popped up in 2019 when Italian bank, UniCredit, received a $1.3 billion fine for Iran and ot ...

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Brewin Dolphin expands digital ability resulting in 25.7% higher financial planning income

Posted on 26.11.2021

Brewin Dolphin’s financial planning income grew 25.7% over the past 12 months, rising from £33.1 million to £41.6 million. In the company’s full-year (FY) results, income growth stemmed from wealth core propositions and 1762 from Brewin Dolphin.  Total funds increased for the year to £56.9 billion, representing a 19.5% gain. Total discretionary funds reported a stronger rise of 20.9%, as strong investment performance and positive net flows drove the figure to ...

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What can established platforms learn from neo-brokers?

Posted on 26.11.2021

Companies increasingly weigh how a digital edge can improve business. The latest is Abrdn’s interest in Interactive Investor, the UK’s second-largest digital investing platform. Financial advisers, investment managers, and product providers recognise how valuable it is to connect directly to end-investors and offer high-quality digital interactions.  The latest Platforum report, UK D2C: Investor Experience, shows interesting D2C provider developments on how they offer their dig ...

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What challenges does the financial planning industry face as it integrates technology and VR?

Posted on 25.11.2021

Virtual reality (VR) is finding its way into our daily lives. Shopping apps allow you to place anything in your room and walk around to see if it fits your space. What’s more exciting are 3D virtual tours like what Rightmove has done for its listings.  While you’re sitting comfortably on your couch, you can walk through a listing. If you have a VR headset, you might even think you’re physically there. The technology is incredibly immersive that Matterport reported a 9% ri ...

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Challenges advisers face when platforms merge

Posted on 16.11.2021

Platforms have become must-have assets as public markets, private equity, and trade buyers show feverish interest in the accounting-led financial services business.  Investors often seek operational leverage, high barriers to entry, cash generation, growing dividends, recurring revenue, and structural growth. Platforms, in turn, aim to achieve these sought-after traits.  That said, if achieving these traits is simple, then advisers would embrace platform mergers, consolidation, and ac ...

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