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The financial advisor is a financial professional who works in specific areas and within a precise regulatory framework. As a company or bank employee, he or she can be self-employed, integrated in a network or independent. Based on a specific mandate, they manage their clients’ investments or savings. They strategically manage client assets based on set goals.

With more choices and flexibility, should advisers change how they approach customer experience?

Posted on 22.09.2021

Change is happening in the UK financial advice industry. Several main drivers have inflicted change in the past, but recently a new driver has emerged. Today, advisers have to remain modern and offer relevant advice.  Adviser firms have had to change and adapt when regulations change to make sure their practices are compliant. Sometimes, the need to cut costs forces firms to change how they give advice. Many also change to attract new customers and increase revenues through an im ...

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Bonuses are a thing of the past, so what motivates advisers now?

Posted on 07.09.2021

Bonuses have been in the industry since the advisory business was about sales. You’d think the end of commission on pensions and investments would have stopped the way the industry operated. But, bonuses are still the target for many advisers. Even the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) offers its employees bonuses.  The FCA offers performance-based bonuses worth almost 10% of an employee’s salary. So, if employees do their job appropriately, they could end up with a bonus betwe ...

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Find your financial advice style in lifestyle financial planning

Posted on 26.08.2021

If you’re interested in people rather than numbers, you might be naturally inclined to lifestyle financial planning. You’d use money as a tool to help people live their lives the way they want. So, how can you start to find your financial advice voice within lifestyle financial planning? You could do that in two ways. The first is by learning the theory, and the second is getting training either online or through the experience of other lifestyle financial planners.  1. Learn t ...

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Vanguard grows its financial advisory business reaching the UK

Posted on 29.06.2021

Vanguard is aggressive on financial advisory. The group is eyeing Dallas, Germany, and other European markets for expanding its reach. This follows the recent launch of a retirement advice service in the UK targeting clients with at least £50,000 invested on the Vanguard platform. The service offers financial advice on how to grow retirement savings and when to tap into them. Vanguard has grown its client base by 100,000 new customers this year in the UK, driving the total beyond 280,000. ...

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Achieving best practices with vulnerable clients

Posted on 12.05.2021

Amanda Newman Smith in her article for Money Marketing addresses the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) increased interest in fairly treating clients in vulnerable circumstances and the importance of being consistent. What is meant by a “vulnerable” client? The term previously referred to mainly situations where clients suffer from disability or age inflicted loss of mental ability. More recently, Smith mentions that the FCA identifies four key drivers to vulnerability ...

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Career advice: The importance of work experience for young financial planners

Posted on 15.04.2021

Experience at work is one of the most important variables in determining someone’s ability to be successful at what they do. A financial advisor who has spent a decade working his way up is likely to be much more capable than someone who just passed an exam to become one. Scott Palmer, who joined Walker Crips earlier this year, talked about the importance of gaining experience in the financial industry in an interview published by MoneyMarketing’s Amanda Smith this week. Laying a st ...

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How should financial advisors charge fees?

Posted on 29.03.2021

The question of fee models is a controversial one among independent financial advisors. Some consider an hourly rate to be the best model while others believe a percentage-based model ensures the best chances of mutual success. A Money Marketing webinar held a question-answer session on the same subject, which raised some interesting points. Percentage based fees Daniel Elkington, a financial advisor at MT Financial Management, strongly supports percentage-based fee models. He says the model e ...

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What mandatory professional indemnity insurance means for your advisory

Posted on 25.03.2021

The UK government plans to make professional indemnity insurance compulsory for all tax advisors in the country. The requirement stems from a consultation report published earlier this week entitled Raising standards in the tax advice market: professional indemnity insurance and defining tax advice. The new mandate aims to raise the standards of tax advisory services across the country following public demands for more transparency in the sector. Who will be affected? The new requirements will ...

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Paths To Starting a Career in Financial Advice

Posted on 05.03.2021

Financial Advisory is becoming an increasingly popular career choice among young professionals. Gone are the days when this career was reserved for a chosen few. Today, anyone willing to put in the hard work can start a career in the financial advisory field at any time. One can take a number of routes to becoming a financial advisor. However, having basic knowledge is the first step. Qualification and exams In the UK, the Regulated Qualifications Framework assesses the qualifications in the f ...

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