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Blockchain is a computer technology based on cryptography. It’s a digital directory made up of a continuously expandable list of data records, or data blocks (“blockchains”). This interlinking data, structured according to the chronological order in which the new blocks were entered and approved by the system, ensures that each block in the chain has a unique value. The technology is mostly seen as IT infrastructure for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction

Posted on 28.07.2022

The digital asset ecosystem as a whole has retreated from all-time highs of over US$3 trillion in November 2021. Now sitting just below US$1 trillion in mid-July 20221, the drawdown of -73% has been vertiginous for the recently initiated. However, this is not the first time that such drawdowns have occurred in the digital asset ecosystem.

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NFT and Metaverse: are there investment opportunities?

Posted on 25.05.2022

The Metaverse and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are not just two products at the cutting edge of technology, but two realities already closely related to each other. The role of NFTs in the Metaverse The Metaverse, a virtual world populated by avatars, is beginning to grow and structure itself according to its own rules. One of the central issues is the certification of ownership. NFTs represent one such solution. The result of blockchain technology, these “non-fungible tokens” are no ...

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But [insert new technology] is used by criminals

Posted on 17.03.2022

The digital asset ecosystem is not the wild west that it once was. It is getting safer and more regulated. The past month saw the release of the Biden Administration’s Executive Order on ensuring responsible development of digital assets in the United States. This is one very clear example of a government in the process of assimilating this new technology into the existing legal and regulatory system.

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Decentralised finance (DeFi): what is it all about?

Posted on 17.03.2022

Blockchain technology has found many applications in finance. One such application, which is developing rapidly (and actually encompasses many within it), is 'decentralised finance', DeFi. What is it all about? We answer this question, also reporting some considerations from the analysis of the CEO of Folks Finance and Blockchain Innovation Manager at Blockchain Italia, Benedetto Biondi. DeFi, an alternative financial ecosystem Blockchain technology has enabled the construction of an a ...

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NFTs: what are they and what do they offer?

Posted on 03.02.2022

NFTs are increasingly popular on the net and also among investors. But what are NFTs in essence? Jordan Awoye, managing partner at Awoye Capital, has put together an effective summary (which appeared on CNBC) of what these digital assets are and what they can offer. What are NFTs? NFTs are one of the products of blockchain technology and, therefore, can be safely included in the set of so-called crypto-assets. NFT stands for "Non Fungible Token". Awoye analyses the concept by se ...

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Blockchain, crypto and web3: what's in store for 2022

Posted on 13.01.2022

Cryptocurrencies, blockchain and decentralised finance (DeFi) are technologies that many believe will soon change the face of the savings and investment industry. So what new things are in store for us this year? Surojit Chatterjee, European Chief Product Officer of cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase, tried to answer this question. Technical developments in blockchain The world of blockchain will see the arrival of a hundred million new users this year. To welcome them, Chatterjee expla ...

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In the metaverse it is also possible to invest in real estate

Posted on 10.01.2022

Investing in the metaverse also means buying space on which to build virtual buildings. In short, a virtual real estate market is emerging in the metaverse. An article on the subject appeared in the Italian newspaper "Il Post", which also contains the interesting opinions of some experts. A real estate 'meta-market' is emerging They look like tiles on a digital map. They are the spaces of the metaverse, which can be purchased by users using specific cryptocurrencies. The ...

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16.08.2022 posted by WisdomTree

Navigating the shortening odds of a recession: Bear markets don't last as long as Bull markets

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