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Blockchain is a computer technology based on cryptography. It’s a digital directory made up of a continuously expandable list of data records, or data blocks (“blockchains”). This interlinking data, structured according to the chronological order in which the new blocks were entered and approved by the system, ensures that each block in the chain has a unique value. The technology is mostly seen as IT infrastructure for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain, crypto and web3: what's in store for 2022

Posted on 13.01.2022

Cryptocurrencies, blockchain and decentralised finance (DeFi) are technologies that many believe will soon change the face of the savings and investment industry. So what new things are in store for us this year? Surojit Chatterjee, European Chief Product Officer of cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase, tried to answer this question. Technical developments in blockchain The world of blockchain will see the arrival of a hundred million new users this year. To welcome them, Chatterjee expla ...

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In the metaverse it is also possible to invest in real estate

Posted on 10.01.2022

Investing in the metaverse also means buying space on which to build virtual buildings. In short, a virtual real estate market is emerging in the metaverse. An article on the subject appeared in the Italian newspaper "Il Post", which also contains the interesting opinions of some experts. A real estate 'meta-market' is emerging They look like tiles on a digital map. They are the spaces of the metaverse, which can be purchased by users using specific cryptocurrencies. The ...

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NFT-ETF is on the exchanges: but what is it?

Posted on 22.12.2021

A few weeks ago, the company Defiance ETFs launched the first ever ETF on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). But what is it, in a little more detail? The first ETF-NFT: what is it, and how did it come about? The ETF launched by Defiance tracks the performance of a set of companies belonging to the NFT ecosystem. More specifically, the title (NFT ETF Defiance Digital Revolution) reproduces the performance of the shares of those companies that are part of or are planning to enter the BITA NFT and Blockc ...

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What should we expect from cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in 2022?

Posted on 14.12.2021

The magazine “Cash” reported some predictions by Roman Matkovskyy, associate professor at the Rennes School of Business. In particular, Matkovskyy discussed the possible developments that await cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology from next year. Bitcoin will remain in the lead. Despite the sharp fluctuations in recent weeks, Bitcoin remains firmly the world's most valuable cryptocurrency. Matkovskyy explains that despite competitors such as Ethereum, Solana and Polkadot ...

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Are NFTs paving the future for investing?

Posted on 07.12.2021

At the Metaverse’s launch, Mark Zuckerberg said it’ll allow you to do almost anything you can imagine. In this virtual world, you’ll also trade and possess items to show your status. Crypto millionaires emerged from this new age having income at their disposal to invest in other digital products, like NFTs.  Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are collectable or trading cards with a unique digital certificate. These certificates are available in a blockchain and offer ownership pr ...

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Dogecoin surges, doubles in a week

Posted on 07.05.2021

Dogecoin, a bitcoin competitor that was created as a joke in 2013, has more than doubled in price in the last seven days since being accepted by two mainstream exchange platforms. Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange, revealed today that it would make the peer-to-peer online currency open to consumers, a day after eToro introduced it to its trading app. Dogecoin, a digital currency based on an internet dog joke, was selling for $0.68c (50p) on the 6th of May. It was at $0.30 a week earlier (22p). ...

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First NTF investment firm set for London IPO: time to get in?

Posted on 05.04.2021

Mike Edwards and Jonathan Bixby, founders of Guild Esports Plc and Cellular Goods Plc, are turning their attention to a popular phenomenon in the crypto world: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The two entrepreneurs created the firm NFT Investments in order to capitalize on the booming NFT market and now plan to take the company public. According to initial details, the firm will be listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange with the company being valued at 25 million pounds. The initial offering will co ...

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Financial advisors need to get up to speed with NFTs

Posted on 23.03.2021

Since the emergence of blockchain technology, many other crypto technologies have sprung up. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are the most recent example of that. With interest in alternative investments taking the financial world by storm, financial advisors need to prepare themselves for inevitable conversations about NFTs, particularly with their younger clientele. Why the fuss? NFTs are data units on a blockchain, and each NFT can represent a unique digital asset such ...

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