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Asset management is a form of resource management for an individual or a family. It’s a 360-degree form of management that doesn’t only take into account financial investments, but also all aspects related to managing financial resources: the balance between income and expenses, the optimisation of taxation related to movable assets and real estate, insurance contracts, social security and succession planning.

What’s in a manager’s fund and do investors really need to know?

Posted on 09.04.2021

The ease with which information can be accessed today means retail investors are more knowledgeable than they were a decade or two ago. When a person wants to invest in a fund, they can refer to the fund factsheet to find out where it invests its money. Many funds only show their top 10 holdings while others lay out everything in the open for potential investors to see. Does this increased transparency really help the investor in choosing the right fund? Or the lesser the investor knows, the bet ...

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FCA report: corporate fund managers display troubling “liquidity optimism”

Posted on 01.04.2021

A recent report published by the Bank of England and the FCA has highlighted a troublesome issue: corporate fund managers are overestimating the liquidity of their holdings. These revelations are alarming because conditions for corporate bonds, especially in times of market downturns like the one induced by the pandemic, indicate otherwise. The research surveyed managers of 272 funds dealing primarily with corporate bond funds, mixed-bond funds, and some small and medium cap equity funds. T ...

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Is it time for property funds to rethink their management fees policies?

Posted on 19.03.2021

During the course of the last year, investors in open-ended property funds paid 40 million pounds in fees on top of being unable to withdraw their funds. These funds had attracted investors by giving them the ability to withdraw their investment at any time. However, in March last year, most of these funds converted into closed funds owing to the uncertainty in the property market.  As far as regulations are concerned, these funds were closed in line with the Financial Conduct Authority&rs ...

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Why traditional equity & bond allocation won’t continue to work

Posted on 16.03.2021

Followers of the 60/40 portfolio strategy may have to work on new strategies in the coming decade as experts warn of the allocation's ineffectiveness in the coming years. 7IM, an investment firm based in London, believes the traditional 60/40 allocation between stocks and bonds will not work in the future. The reason investors and managers have used the 60/40 portfolio for decades is because it provides the best of both worlds. It combines the relative safety of bonds with the income a ...

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Why have fees for actively managed funds fallen?

Posted on 11.03.2021

The UK has experienced a fall in fees for actively managed equity funds in the last 4 years. Management fees have gone down by about 15% during this time, from 1.13% in 2017 to 0.95% today. On top of that, the annual average cost of launching a new fund is only around 0.85%. Darius McDermott, FundClaibre’s managing director, is happy that actively managed funds are putting pressure on passive funds. With the annual costs for investing in actively managed funds being considerably lower now ...

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Investors and portfolio managers cannot ignore the market’s fat tail risk

Posted on 08.03.2021

Humans have always adjusted to risks throughout history. In the 16th century, an Italian mathematician by the name of Girolamo Cardano tried to quantify risk. The methods he used were quite different from the tool we have today; however, today’s asset managers are essentially doing the same thing: trying to quantify risk using historical data.  Using volatility to measure risk Traditional methods of portfolio management use volatility as a measure of risk. They measure the standard ...

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Jupiter UK Growth Investment Trust (JUKG) Lays Out its Reconstruction Proposals

Posted on 23.02.2021

Jupiter UK Growth Investment Trust (JUKG) has laid out its plans to liquidate the company. In December last year, the trust announced it had decided to team up with BAF (Brown Advisory Funds) so it could offer its investors a rollover option.  This would mean JUKG shareholders will receive replacement shares in the company’s Global Leaders fund (BAGL). BAF has already agreed to waive the regular requirements of the initial investment amount, minimum shareholding, and other general in ...

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Wealth Managers and Investment Platforms See Record Cash Flows, Enjoy Boom

Posted on 06.02.2021

Healthy optimism Brewin Dolphin and investment platforms like Hargreaves Lansdown have been registering record cash flow as stock markets soar and more novice investors try their hand in the market for the first time. Brewin funds are up by 8% in the last three months, motivated by strong performance and more investors showing up. Despite its cost cutting program, which was introduced at the onset of the pandemic, Brewin is now generating impressive returns of up to 7%, or £ ...

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