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ETFs, or “exchange traded funds”, are investment instruments known categorically as “passive asset management”. These are investment funds that precisely track the performance of an index, such as the Nasdaq 100 or the S&P 500, and also indices from industry markets such as raw materials or biotech. They offer many advantages including investment diversification, convenience (index replication is automatic) and relatively low management fees.

ETFs: Market trends in Europe

Posted on 07.12.2023

In the third quarter of this year, ETF inflows in Europe showed some trends worth looking at. Maturity ETFs and actively managed ETFs What trends are driving the European ETF market? Morninstar has identified some of these trends and reports on them in an article by Sara Silano. Among the new developments tracked by Morningstar is the arrival of maturity bond ETFs in Europe, first distributed by iShares and then by DWS. Also entering the European market is Ark Invest, Cathie Wood's company ...

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Investing in bond ETFs: what to consider?

Posted on 27.11.2023

ETFs are becoming increasingly popular with investors and, in the case of bond ETFs, allow investors to invest in an asset class that has returned to the focus of many investors following the rise in interest rates. But what are the issues to consider when investing in a passive bond fund? The magazine 'FONDS Professionell' reports on some of the considerations made by Nikolas Kreuz, CEO of the asset management company Invios. The credit or default risk When investing in bond ETFs, the ...

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ETFs that reduce volatility risk for equity market investors

Posted on 07.11.2023

In a situation of increasing market uncertainty, investors are looking for products that match their risk tolerance. Low-volatility ETFs could be attractive to investors who do not want to give up exposure to the stock market, but are concerned about the current high volatility risks. What are low-volatility ETFs? Low-volatility ETFs are investment vehicles designed to provide investors with reduced exposure to price fluctuations in equity markets. As Jörg Bernhard explains on the ExtraET ...

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Save money by investing in money market ETFs

Posted on 18.10.2023

Not all financial experts agree that the safest way to save money is to invest in a bank account. Gerd Kommer, founder and CEO of the asset manager Gerd Kommer Invest, and Daniel Kanzler, Head of Investments at Gerd Kommer Capital and financial advisor to Gerd Kommer Invest, write about this topic in a long and interesting article on the portal 'Das Investment'. Stability of the banking system not a certainty The first consideration of Kommer and Kanzler is that savers tend to be overc ...

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Investing in ETFs: what are the pros and cons?

Posted on 10.10.2023

Among the most common and potentially profitable forms of investment that have gained considerable popularity in recent years, we know that ETFs certainly occupy a prominent place. Many people see them as the initial foundation for building a solid base for financial planning. However, it can be a complex process and all the pros and cons of this investment fund must be weighed up. How to start investing in ETFs The first step needed to start investing in ETFs is to open a current account and ...

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Investing in ETFs: all you need to know

Posted on 06.10.2023

What are ETFs? How does the cost of an ETF compare to the cost of a mutual fund? What are the advantages and disadvantages of passive versus active management?  You need a custody account to buy an ETF ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are financial products, or rather passive investment funds, that replicate the performance of a market index. To buy shares in these funds, you need to have a custody account and contact an operator authorised to trade in these products, such as an asset managem ...

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An ETF that distributes coupons like a bond arrives in Europe

Posted on 02.10.2023

BlackRock has made available to European investors the iShares ETF UCITS iBonds, a product type that combines the characteristics of bonds and ETFs. ETFs that behave like bonds They take the form of a passive fund but behave very much like bonds: these are the 'iBonds', new financial products launched by the world's largest asset manager, BlackRock. They are a total of nine passive fund securities with exposure to bond segments, eight of which are investment grade, but also include ...

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Is the ETF I am investing in diversified enough?

Posted on 28.09.2023

Concentration risk arises when investments are concentrated in an area where securities are positively correlated (and therefore not effectively diversified). ETFs are also products that carry this risk, as explained in an article published in FONDS Professionell. Some indices carry the risk of concentration Investments in ETFs are often presented as diversified because these passive indices replicate baskets of many securities. However, the number of securities in a basket is no guarantee of ...

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18.06.2024 posted by MoneyController

Focus China: from Warren Buffett's moves on the property market to the hunger for offshore investment

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