Follow SoldiExpert's portfolios with equity and bond ETFs or Italian and European stocks

Concrete operational advice rather than lucky tips that you can easily replicate with your wealth manager. The advice helps gain hands-on access to diversified and profitable strategies over time.

Portfolios to invest in ETFs (stocks and / or bonds) or Italian stocks

Our self-service portfolios represent specific investment decisions with which you can put together your portfolio without any conflicts of interest: We select the most attractive ETFs in terms of return / risk / cost ratio and make them available in two different versions that you can combine together.

You can have a bonds-only portfolio (Bond ETFs / Equities ETFs) or choose a portfolio that consists partly of stocks and partly of bonds (ETF focus flexible balanced equity): Both offer a selection of the best investment strategies and combine them to bring you the very best in independent financial research and analysis.

Portfolios to invest in ETFs

Our style of financial advice is based on both asset diversification and profitable strategies. The aim is to provide you with stable portfolios that outperform during a bull market and minimize losses in a bear market. Our advice is therefore not limited to the purchase of securities with the aim of keeping them in the portfolio forever, but also relates to the use of liquidity as an instrument when the risks for the non-strategic part of our portfolio appear greater than the opportunities.

How can you access our strategies?

Our investment strategies are accessible through personal advisory services and through self-service portfolios of stocks, ETFs, and funds. We are authorized in Italy to carry out this activity.

Our research-based self-service portfolios, offered to readers of MoneyController as part of an annual subscription, are designed for investors with a capital of 20,000 euros or more. The service offers access to an initial portfolio composition, which is evaluated monthly and updated according to the conditions of the contained securities, stock exchange developments, and the economic and financial outlook.

All of our portfolios are based on asset diversification and underlying strategies developed by the SoldiExpert SCF Research department with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Subscribers do not simply receive blanket buy and sell calls. Rather, they get precise information about the shares to be bought, with the ISIN code for identification, the proposed percentage weighting, possibly expressed in quotas or equivalent values, and subsequently just as precise Notes on possible disinvestments or subsequent investments.

The entire service is organized online via the personal access area on our website. Regular updates are sent via email and SMS and are available in real-time on the website.

About us

About us

SoldiExpert SCF is one of the first independent financial advisory firms in Italy. For over 20 years, it has focused on the Internet and fee-based financial advice based on proprietary algorithms to analyze and improve investment strategies for savers.

Our approach is based on the combination of fundamental and quantitative analysis. In our opinion, successful investing is a combination of algorithms and the human ability to seize investment opportunities based on data, experience, and intuition.

Our independence

SoldiExpert SCF has no affiliation with banks or financial product distribution networks, so we do not have a conflict of interest in recommending the securities that make up our self-service portfolios.

For the same reason, our ETF portfolios are better than the mutual fund-based portfolios usually proposed by banks and networks: the sum of the implicit and explicit costs of these banking products can sometimes even exceed ten times the corresponding costs of our portfolios. In the financial markets (especially with negative interest rates on bonds for much of the yield curve) cost is the only thing that is certain, and the more it is minimized, the better.

Cut unnecessary costs, focus on the return on investment.