The asset allocation of the securities portfolio for June 2021

The following report is generated on the basis of the portfolios created in the month of June by investors taking into account the securities and the number of times they have been placed in the portfolios. Continue reading

Sample portfolio

The portfolio results from the weighted average of all securities (funds and ETFs) that have been included in the portfolios created by investors in the current month, broken down into corresponding categories. In this way, we get the percentage weighting of each individual macro category, which determines this virtual mega-portfolio’s structure. An effective way to track trends in investor decisions regarding asset placement month after month. Less

Fund category %
ETFs 71.92%
ETF Shares 65.66%
ETF Alternative 4.32%
ETF Global 0.86%
ETF Bonds 0.86%
ETF Balanced 0.22%
Fonds 28.08%
Funds Shares 19.44%
Funds Bonds 7.78%
Funds Liquidity 0.43%
Funds Alternative 0.22%
Funds Balanced 0.22%